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Chat robot is a real revolution? The future will become a small private secretary – Beijing famous network media "BackChanel" before the author said, chat robot as a popular technique, will subvert the mobile phone application (APP), has a very good application in personal life, the company’s customer service, government service. The article calls this the "real revolution". In the future, the chat robot can become your private secretary. (Xiao Shi) Guangzhou daily news recently, the two technology giants Google and Facebook have invested heavily in research and development of their own chat robot products. Google this week, the acquisition of chat robot startups API.AI, to further strengthen the voice recognition technology, so that the robot began to speak. Facebook independent chat software Messenger in mid September to open the payment function, business executives believe that Messenger chat robot can help businesses do business electricity supplier. The company also recently released a China called "a AI" to create a free online chat robot platform, developers, products and even operators can easily develop the chat robot application, create a vertical field chat robot provides free service for enterprises, customer service and shopping guide for the typical usage scenario. Obama used the robot dialogue with the public and then go back to August this year, the White House Chief Information Officer announced a thing — Messenger that President Obama is interested in the robot. With it, citizens can directly through their Facebook account with the government dialogue". In the field of science and technology, the U.S. government has always been a pioneer, so even if they are actively embracing the chat robot, it shows that this technology has gradually matured. Stanford University recently released a report in 2030, artificial intelligence and life, which also referred to the chat robot information. The role of 1: to identify emotional chat robot so hot, it can replace what we do? For example, if someone says "the girl saw a man with a telescope", then according to the context, we can know that he means the girl saw someone with a telescope, or with a telescope. This is the human communication skills to be learned. Google’s API.AI goal is to solve this problem. The company provides API (Application Programming Interface) for voice recognition, intention recognition and context management, and developers can also provide a professional knowledge of the field of their own chat robot. In addition, the requirements of a higher level, that is, the future of the chat robot can understand the feelings of people. This is the face of the company is developing direction. If users frequently use voice input, then Facebook and Google and other technology giants can better understand our emotions. This will help promote the personalization of their services. Speed faster expressive company also to create a robot buddy image, let the customer with the robot speak more freely, faster speed, full of expression. When.相关的主题文章: