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Century Huatong adjust the restructuring plan to abandon the acquisition of mobile technology Mobile Games hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my / reporter Qiao Xiang, editor of Qiu Jiang century Huatong major asset restructuring plan to adjust released in September 21st. Comparison of the company disclosed in December last year, the acquisition of Internet game assets program, the core part of this adjustment is to give up the acquisition of hand travel mobile technology. "Love" in the evening of August 25th Mobile Games, century Huatong announcement, announced the suspension of adjustment to the acquisition of the Internet game plan in December last year the disclosure of assets. After a lapse of more than and 20 days, the company disclosed the updated version of the restructuring plan. The latest announcement shows, after consultation, to retain the original restructuring plan the company winning international 100% stake, Yao Jing Hua Cong Hua Yu International 100% stake of 100% equity interest in international, little Beijing 100% equity and 40% equity in the Little Cayman, Mobile Games mobile technology 100% stake to be removed. According to the original plan, in the Mobile Games mobile technology was established in October 14, 2015, the main line for the transaction and the establishment of the special, holding CMGE (formerly in the Cayman Mobile Games overseas parent company, delisted from the NASDAQ in August 2015) 100% equity and by Cayman CMGE protocol control Shenzhen LAN Yue (one of the original Mobile Games protocol controlled by the main VIE) 100% equity, the transaction of business entities for the original United States and complete privatization of delisting CMGE Cayman and through equity or control subsidiary agreement. After adjustment, the transaction value of the underlying assets of the transaction amounted to 6 billion 939 million yuan, of which a total consideration of $4 billion 163 million shares, cash consideration of $2 billion 776 million. Supporting fund-raising, the company intends to invest in interest points, Ding Tong Investment and other 7 investors issued a total of 203 million shares, totaling $4 billion 150 million to raise matching funds. To be clear, Jing Yao International, Hua Cong Hua Yu are international, international investment, investment Hua Cong Jing Yao Hua Yu, a wholly-owned enterprises, the Department for the transaction is set up, in addition to total holdings of 60% stake in Little Cayman, no substantive business assets or business. In addition, Jing Yao investment, investment, Hua Hua Cong Yu investment together hold 60% stake in Beijing. The above transaction price of 6 billion 839 million yuan, respectively, $100 million, compared with the first disclosure of the plan does not change. A simple comparison in December last year the plan, the total transaction price by nearly 13 billion 500 million yuan less than 7 billion yuan; the amount of fund-raising for supporting to abandon the acquisition of mobile technology Mobile Games significantly reduced (the original plan of 11 billion 33 million yuan), subscribers from 10 down to 7 people. In addition, the issue price of the acquisition and fund-raising by the time the unified 11.45 yuan shares rose to $18.55 shares, $20.42 shares. Crashed in the regulatory policy for this restructuring adjustment, investors have asked for the first time: "the planned acquisition of Mobile Games whatever相关的主题文章: