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Cattle Beiren "Shou Wang that kid" interpretation of the lone ranger high cold strength alone – Sohu entertainment Figure 1: cattle Beiren "Shou Wang that boy" Liu Nian beitu decorated two: Beiren cattle "Shou Wang that boy" makeup as Sohu entertainment news the day before, starring Wang Zirui, Niu Beiren et al’s youth Spy Drama "Shou Wang that kid" after more than a month after the shooting the perfect shot. The play is set in the "77 incident" before and after the Shanxi, focusing on the war behind the scramble for resources, for the audience staged a spy drama. Strength of the actors Beiren cattle played a good play rough, aloof high cold "Tiefo" Liu Nian North corner. It is understood that after the youth’s Spy Drama "Shou Wang that kid" focuses on the long march of the Red Army, and Jin warlords, the Kuomintang party and the Japanese spy four a series of secret rivalry story around Dong copper resources. The actor who plays Niu Beiren’s ten years ago North LiuNian suspected of killing Dong Shouwang (Wang Zirui)’s father was brother misunderstanding, was out of his legacy, a quack, kill the wicked countless, so a name for himself "tiefo". Different from the previous "brave heart" in the meaning of the word at the head, vindictive Feng eyeball "hero" and offering for the self sacrifice of the killer Xue Lifeng brothers are reduced, gang lost, only rely on external good, in the TV series the greatly discerning and apprehending, "Shou Wang that kid", cattle Beiren played Liu Nian the north is even the only family misunderstanding, out of his legacy, a quack, never gave up his mind and righteous man. He is thoughtful, aloof, have their own set of code of conduct for the right and wrong, has been secretly silently protect Dong son of Dong Shouwang, and made an indelible contribution in Dong won the copper ore resources. It is reported that the TV series "Wang Wang that boy" is currently tense in the post production.相关的主题文章: