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Cao Yunjin sun evidence against Guo Degang: my conservation has run out – Sohu micro-blog   cloud entertainment Cao blonde response;   Sohu entertainment news recently, Cao Yunjin and master Guo Degang in the war of words, Cao Yunjin fired earlier, Guo Degang in the early morning of 25 finally published a lengthy strike back, in the afternoon, Cao Yunjin once again responded. The following is the response of Cao Yunjin long: my conservation has run out in anger before! The twenty day, you finally wrote a new story. But I’m telling you the truth. You said before the apprentice freeloader not money, now that the rent; you always say don’t owe any apprentice in the money, now also admits filming not money. But you still insist on not admitted to my tuition, this is your wrong, thank my mother has a good habit of saving bills, invoices thing you probably forgot, it doesn’t matter, I posted to you. Cao Yunjin drying out the invoice Cao Yunjin tuition invoice drying out of the invoice with the Cao Yunjin are posted? I can only say that, indeed, I am 15 years old, do not understand the age of 27 you are in fraud. Cao Yunjin sun media reports said hold what you smile min enqiu, heart or hate me? When we met, there is no media presence (if there is a media in the film, you do not see me behind the door, it is not a big news?) He said, the station in the car. That did not seem to understand what you mean, he said: "well, don’t see, that something, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t see." Next time, teach him to understand the car, do not worry about the panic on the door closed! Do you remember when Liu Yuntian and I went to give you a birthday present? I remember the door said: "leave it, people, it is not convenient to see." Otherwise, you go on with the janitor? Mr. Zhang’s name is "listen to my landlord cloud", the name is "listen Yunxuan master", in the picture had long in my personal name, to inheritance, I was thinking about Mr. Zhang died many years ago, we saw this scene as uncomfortable, now has been unable to avoid, please out of his old name as a witness. Cao Yunjin Cao Yunjin sun drying out the stamp seal seal Cao Yunjin drying out not to say, in fact, respond to it, you want me to accompany you fried fried, you must also accompany you to tear my tear. Not with a mouth, dragged them with your platform. The question is, is there anyone in your heart? When need is God, do not have the time, you said you are family ancestors, I think what is cheap, you can not account for two. My self-control has run out before I’m angry! You stand on the moral high ground, saying that kindness, mercy is done, not to say it. You always say to me the opportunity to be the actual rise head and shoulders above others, I would like to stay alive. Sorry, your roof is big, but I think I don’t want to be dignified and imposing man, when the dog. Finally, thank you for letting me on the headlines, I wish you a bright future, but we hope I have Ma Gaodeng short, one day, no water do mountain poor problem solving. How do you.相关的主题文章: