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Can’t wait! C Luo training video for the weekend or return C Ronaldo is expected to debut the recent return of Tencent sports news August 25th (the ESPN author) C Ronaldo has been in Real Madrid (data) club Valdebebas training base to start training, it now appears that the Portuguese star will be able to return to the Milky Way warships in a short period of time in the starting lineup. In the past year, C has been very busy, he first helped Real Madrid won the Champions League trophy, and then captain with the Portuguese national team won the European championship. At the end of the European Cup, C Luo has been in a state of absence, he also won the European Cup final because of the extension of the extension of the real madrid. In the new season league first round match, Real Madrid’s 3-0 victory over Real Sociedad, is the service C Ronaldo did not debut. Spain local time Saturday, Real Madrid home court against CELTA in the second round of La Liga, when 31 year old C Ronaldo will likely be Zidane arranged in the team lineup. Local time on Wednesday, C Luo also on personal Ins account, said his state is very good, and will soon return to the game. On the personal Ins account, C Luo wrote: "looks very good, I will soon be able to return to the stadium." At the same time, C Luo also released a video of his hard training. (Robbie)相关的主题文章: