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Cai Yingwen said the two sides should lay down the burden of history not to mention the 92 consensus Cai Yingwen visited Kinmen mistress through the construction of the China to promote party unity in the head near the pier yesterday to protest against Cai Yingwen, the peaceful expression of appeal. Cai Yingwen visited the Taiwan Army Special Air Ministry amphibious Lou Cai Yingwen in Kinmen Taiwan’s acceptance of amphibious divers tactical amphibious troops divers to Kinmen results of Cai Yingwen show weekday fine training skill in battle. Cai Yingwen in the Golden Gate experience "Bo Zhuangyuan cake" Cai Yingwen in the Golden Army Special Air Ministry Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion tactical exercises in waters to watch the original title: Cai Yingwen said the two sides should lay down the burden of history is healthy dialogue, not to mention the "92 consensus" according to Yonhap News Network reported, said the Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen in September 10th to visit Kinmen wharf head mistress "pass and port", "mistress" is an important milepost of cross-strait relations between the two sides, it confirms that as long as the future development, show goodwill interaction, both sides can put aside disputes and seeking common ground, seek common welfare for people, to create a new cross-strait peace Bureau; she called on the two sides should lay down the burden of history, a healthy dialogue for the benefit of people on both sides. However, she still does not mention the 92 consensus as the basis of cross-strait relations, only talking about the historical facts of the two sessions".   September 10th morning, Cai Yingwen for the first time in Taiwan "commander in chief" identity to frontline army comfort USO tour of Kinmen, first to the Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, combat divers acceptance results, and to Kinmen defense command and defense officers and soldiers in Lake Villa dinner, with a bonus; afternoon Cai Yingwen went to the village of Chua’s temple ye Qiong Lin Joe, inspects the "mistress" construction, and to the "Bing Department" experience of Kinmen "Bo Zhuangyuan cake". Subsequently, the Army Committee Chairman Zhang Xiaoyue, vice chairman Qiu Chuizheng, Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fuhai et al accompanied Cai Yingwen to head as "mistress and terminal port". Cai Yingwen in the golden gate pier head clearance building Zhang Xiaoyue listen to after the briefing, I said, reminds me of the MAC served as director of the bit by bit, the clearance building is the MAC first, is also the largest public works on a budget support funds. Cai Yingwen said that in May 2000 she served as chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, direct economic and trade exchanges between the two sides is not legitimate, and in her "central ministries and local governments of Kinmen and Matsu Tongren day in and day out efforts, finally overcome many doubts and challenges in the first half, began implementing the" mistress "in January 1, 2001, opening exchanges after 50 years of cross-strait barrier, it will lay a solid foundation for the" three links ". Cai Yingwen mentioned that the small three links has been operating for more than 15 years, last year, through the small three links between the people on both sides of the Strait more than 1 million 800 thousand people. In addition, from 1 to July this year, import and export trade volume reached $13 billion 280 million, compared with the same period last year grew by 6. She believes that the "mistress" can create such results, in addition to the sides of the open policy and the benign interaction, thanks to all the customs and Immigration Department CIQS team (customs, immigration and Quarantine Bureau "," sea patrol office ", Hong Kong Police), MAC and Kinmen County the government has sustained efforts and hard work. "Small three links" is Kay相关的主题文章: