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[bloom buds] meat dumplings what machine as cut – Sohu and haven’t eat sweet dumplings, suddenly want to. He bought a cabbage, a piece of meat from a chop off the pingpingpangpang, wanted to use the meat machine, food machine what, and want to still use knife soundly. Haha, never afraid to eat bitter chowhound!! The stuffing by adding some really good delicious prawn. Eat the boiled dumplings, second days and two pan fried pot. Let her husband when the model with a plate, the saliva, straight pharynx…… Do I really could not bear to eat hastily…… Shrimp fried pork and Cabbage [] materials: pork 600 grams, 600 grams of cabbage, shrimp 100 grams, 700 grams of flour seasoning: salt, sugar, seasoning: egg, pepper, thirteen spice, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice wine, onion ginger production: 1 shrimp chop salt 1 grams, 1 grams of pepper, 1 teaspoons of rice wine, ginger 3 grams mix adjustment. 2 meat: pork first and then chopped into small pieces. 3 can be 50 grams and 5 grams of onion ginger cut into the meat in the meat when. Add salt 4 minced meat in 5 grams, 2 grams of sugar, thirteen grams, 10 grams of soy sauce flavor 1, soy sauce 15 grams, 15 grams of oyster sauce, rice wine 2 teaspoon and 1 egg mix adjustment. Note: do not add water, because the greater the moisture of cabbage. 5 Chinese cabbage with a knife chopped, cut the cabbage is cut down, the first transverse vertical cutting the same way again; then chopped leaves. Note: this cut is brittle, water is not lost. 6 will be cut into the meat of cabbage in a little bit of salt, mix evenly. At the end of 7 will also mix in pouring shrimp, onion, 1 tablespoons of sesame oil, or. So far, the dumpling stuffing is adjusted. 8 in the preparation of stuffing mix before the first surface and wake up at least half an hour or longer, the surface can be soft and elastic. 700 grams of flour, with 350-410 of water, according to the specific moisture absorption of flour, dumplings must be soft dough. 9 take a small dough, twist a long, pulling into small pieces. Note: the first package of a dumpling, try each size. 10 small pieces by flat, roll skin. 11 bags of dumplings. 12 do everything in turn. 13 take a hot frying pan, pot, pour a small amount of oil, put the pan around, dumplings into the code. 14 pour a small amount of water, cover the pot, the fire about 7 minutes stew fry. Subtle note: using a knife to chop the meat than meat grinder, especially cooking machine many good taste. When the meat can be chopped onion ginger, let the meat to fully absorb.相关的主题文章: