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Blatter attended the hearing on the "ban order" to start the final round of sports — original title: Blatter attended the hearing on "grounded to" last ditch pictures of Xinhua News Agency Lausanne August 25th sports special telegram before FIFA chairman Blatter 25 in the international sports arbitration court to attend the hearing, for his six years "ban order" on the last appeal, and that no matter how the verdict he received. The hearing is expected to last only one day, but the ruling is expected to take weeks. "I will accept the verdict." Blatter said in an interview, "to me, I certainly hope that the verdict is" positive ", but as a football man, we should learn to accept victory, also learned to accept defeat." At the hearing, Blatter, 80, reiterated that the Swiss franc, which was paid to Mr Platini, was the first player to miss the former Juventus star by the International Football Association (CHF). Platini served as a special adviser to FIFA president Blatter from 1999 to 2002, and both Mr and Mrs Chan insisted that the money was the legitimate income of the latter as a special adviser to the president of the year (see article). Mr., Mr. "I’m sure the jury will finally understand that the money we paid to Platini was owed to him." Blatter stressed that "Qianzhaihuanqian as unalterable principles." Since 2011 when FIFA President Blatter Platini to the illegal payment of 2 million Swiss francs, two people were FIFA to bribery and corruption charges prohibited from participating in the national and international levels in any football related activities in eight years. Although this "ban order" by FIFA appeals committee reduced to 6 years, but Blatter is still not satisfied, and filed an appeal to the International Court of arbitration for sport, international sports arbitration court in March 17th this year announced the receipt of Blatter’s appeal. (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: