Blame the typhoon spoiler people’s negative growth in exports in September 1.8%– Taiwan chan-roxane hayward

Blame the spoiler typhoon   Taiwan area negative growth in exports in September 1.8%– Taiwan channel — original title: blame the spoiler typhoon in Taiwan in September 1.8% in Taiwan area of negative export growth to negative growth in exports in September 1.8%, but the Taiwan authorities officials said this is by Typhoon "Mei Ji" (mainland called "catfish"). (picture taken from the network) announced China Taiwan network October 8th hearing the Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of Finance and Statistics Department "7, the data show that Taiwan in September the export value of $22 billion 560 million, down 1.8%, ending two consecutive months of positive growth. However, the Taiwan authorities finance officials pointed out that Taiwan’s exports did not deviate from the "flip up" track, turned negative in September "don’t worry", and will soon enter the end of season of consumption, the fourth quarter is expected to increase the strength of trade expansion. According to Taiwan’s "commercial times" reported that the Taiwan Comptroller of the total original estimates for the third quarter exports are expected to grow by 1.5%, but the actual rose only 0.1%, although the termination of the 6 consecutive quarter of decline, but still 1.4 percentage points lower than the forecast value. Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of Finance Director Cai Meina said that in September this year coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival even fake, the end of the month and the typhoon affected more than 2 rooftop wind off, the number of working days in September only 17 days, since this year the number of working days other than the spring Festival in the shortest month, exports fell to a relatively low level. 22 billion 560 million dollars. According to statistics, Taiwan’s main export products, electronic components exports of $8 billion 420 million in September, every single month high, 4 consecutive months of positive growth; the IC exports grew 24.6%, exports amounted to $7 billion 290 million, a record high earlier continued. (Chinese Taiwan Zhu Lian () (Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Ying Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: