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Birth is at that time, vigilance ovarian function drops! – the incidence of maternal and neonatal ovarian chocolate cyst in young women, for this age group, the main mode of operation is the removal of ovarian chocolate cyst. Although the traditional surgical Miguel for complete removal of the lesions, while protecting the patient’s reproductive function and endocrine function. However, due to tumor formation of chocolate cyst and ordinary is not the same, has its particularity lies in the ordinary tumor, a clear line between the cyst wall and normal ovary, so when peeling is relatively easy. Chocolate cyst is different, is due to repeated periodic bleeding, adhesion scar formation, inflammation after the formation of the wall and normal ovarian tissue between the boundaries unclear. Due to the particularity of the formation of chocolate cyst, so no matter how delicate surgery, are likely to cause the normal ovarian tissue of the error, which further lead to the reduction of ovarian function. In addition, the use of thermal instruments in laparoscopic surgery has exacerbated the adverse effects on ovarian tissue. Ovarian dysfunction also known as premature ovarian failure, refers to the female ovarian dysfunction phenomenon before the age of 40, known as premature ovarian failure (Premature ovarian failure). The incidence of POF accounted for 1-3% of adult females. A sign of ovarian function decline by menstrual disorders like late natural menopause, premature ovarian failure in patients with only 10%-20% in menstruation suddenly appeared amenorrhea, the majority of patients with premature ovarian failure symptoms of oligomenorrhea, menstrual period is shortened, and gradually reduce the quantity of amenorrhea. * sterility or infertility patients due to infertility or infertility and premature ovarian failure. In patients with premature ovarian failure due to follicular or luteal dysplasia and recurrent spontaneous abortion, a minority of patients in one or several times after artificial abortion and premature ovarian failure were found amenorrhea. * the perimenopausal syndrome in postmenopausal women with premature ovarian failure, symptoms of hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, depression, tension, palpitation, headache, fatigue, fluid retention, pain, irritability, inattention, paroxysmal dizziness, paresthesia etc.. In order to better understand the clinical symptoms of gynecological inflammation, 91.2% of friends choose. If a long time performance. After menopause, menopausal symptoms, premature ovarian failure will appear to reduce Xing, sexual difficulties or sexual pain, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, nocturia or stress urinary incontinence and atrophic and atrophic vaginitis urethritis symptom. This expression associated with autoimmune disease, common symptoms of premature ovarian failure in Hashimoto thyroiditis. * laparoscopic ovarian volume, it is difficult to see the follicular development and ovulation without hole, corpus luteum, reduction of uterine volume. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, chronic active hepatitis, glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. The diagnostic criteria of premature ovarian failure? According to the definition of premature ovarian failure, the disease diagnosis is not difficult: the age < 40 years old; the amenorrhea time more than 6 months; the two times (more than 1 months apart) FSH> 40mIU ml. What precautions to prevent ovarian function.相关的主题文章: