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Beijing – VIDEO – Jilin put ginseng feast "medicine" to boost the development of Jilin ginseng industry put ginseng feast "edible" ginseng industry to boost the development of [comment] in September 12th, the second session of the "Changbai Mountain ginseng" delicacy contest opened in Jilin Ji’an, ginseng, ginseng and other Harsmar lotus Tomatoes on sticks 6 "ginseng food won critical judges recognized with high won the gold medal. Jilin province official said, into the field of food ginseng, ushered in new opportunities for industrial development. Jilin ginseng production in China accounts for about 70% of the total market share in the world, and Changbai Mountain, which is located at the foot of Ji’an, is one of the main producing areas in Jilin province. In addition to Jilin province to participate in the official, this year held in Ji’an "Changbai Mountain ginseng" delicacy contest by many gourmet, nutrition experts, enterprises who participate in. The contestants have their own ideas, create the silk, crystal, red ginseng ginseng crisp ginseng ginseng ginseng fresh shrimp balls, ice cream and other 65 delicacy as the main ingredients. Through professional judges evaluation and scoring, 18 delicacy talent shows itself for the final opportunity. Finally, the judges selected the best competition gold medal, the ginseng food color aroma and taste and creative, the audience also amazed. [the same period] (Chef Xie Xinjie) because (ingredients), after all, at the foot of the growth of Changbai Mountain, are used in some of the Changbai Mountain specialty ingredients. (and common ingredients than) the biggest difference is (ginseng) its bitter flavor, this is the most important, to get rid of it. How to make full use of its nutrients. It is reported that, in early 2011, China’s Ministry of Health approved the Jilin ginseng "medicine food homology" pilot, ginseng in China for the first time allowed as food production and sales. The following September, formally approved by the Ministry of health Chinese cultivated ginseng as a new food resource. Jilin province for the production of ginseng, ginseng industry thus get the opportunity to revitalize. The same period [] (director of the Jilin Provincial Office of ginseng Sun Zhentian) according to South Korean ginseng market consumption habits, Korean ginseng is about 70% into food, so we used 100% drugs, 70% of our market basically are lost, and now we look to open such a volume of 70%, you think about the development of our industry is a big promotion. The official said, organized activities such as ginseng food contest, which is to guide the full range of ginseng industry, the healthy development of many fields, so that people fully understand the role of ginseng in the food field. Lv Shengnan Ji’an reported Jilin Jinqiao相关的主题文章: