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Beijing: be not included in the street – Assessment Beijing Times news JINGWAH open sports facilities in primary and secondary schools (reporter Sha Xueliang) yesterday, the NPC Standing Committee held its twenty-ninth meeting, the revised draft regulations on national fitness in the city ushered in the third review. Although the revised draft of the regulations has been two consideration, but in September 12th three reviewers submitted Municipal Standing Committee of the change is not small, from the general purpose and principles, fitness goals, government service responsibility, to the national fitness activities organization, public schools and sports facilities open, promote the sports industry development, many aspects have been changed. According to the revised draft revised two draft, modify and delete "school sports" chapter, "added the development of sports industry" chapter. On the opening of the campus sports facilities, revised two draft tend to organized and limited open, in order to protect the campus security and order, put forward "the school should be open to students in their spare time and holidays and summer vacation sports facilities", previously on the street, the township government will promote the school sports facilities opening into the performance appraisal the content is deleted. According to the vice chairman of the Municipal People’s Congress Law Committee Wang Delin, Legal Committee believes that national fitness regulations should fully reflect the characteristics of social law, specifically refers to the citizen as the main body to participate in fitness activities, under the guidance of the government, in order to meet the fitness needs of citizens, by the government to provide basic public services, social organization and social provide service, promote the sports industry development. Accordingly, on the construction of the principle of a draft revision of the draft proposed by the citizen body, adhere to government led, social organization ", revised two revised draft" adhere to the citizen main body, government, social organization, market participation, sharing in the draft". Two amendments to the draft sixth: "the city encourages and supports the development of the sports industry, play a role in the market, promote fitness consumption, strengthen market regulation". Accordingly, the revised two draft increase of "sports industry development" changes, to encourage residents sports consumption expenditure, encourage sports products and service innovation, improve the sports insurance system provides for the principle.相关的主题文章: