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Beijing Heyi Hotel case dragged woman said: if the rectification is not fully implemented – Beijing – "woman and cheek hotel corridor strange man was tracking drag" tracking the Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) yesterday afternoon, Chaoyang Court of the H Hotel woman attack "event (Beijing News reported continuous) involved man Lee make verdicts, after he was in the hotel drag the strange woman pull in prostitution was charged. Upon trial, the court held that it constitutes a crime of prostitution and sentenced to two years imprisonment, a fine of five thousand yuan. The court then to the H Hotel and home group issued a judicial proposal, the proposed hotel find security loopholes in management, improve staff occupation accomplishment, develop corrective measures to eliminate potential safety problems. The man was identified two cases of prostitution introduced in April 3rd this year, the field to Beijing female tourists "curved" encounter strange man in drag and cheek hotel elevator, causing concern. Yesterday afternoon, the case open verdict, drag the "curved" Lee to court to hear the sentence. The court found that Lee in "Heyi Hotel" through the issuance of trick prostitute advertising way to the hotel staff, in March 1st this year, March 9th, successively to 600 yuan, the price of 700 yuan in the introduction of Hubei Moumou 1004 hotel rooms and 8917 rooms to Jin Moumou, Liu Moumou prostitution. Chaoyang Court to introduce prostitution and sentenced Lee to two years in prison, and fined 5000 yuan, the mobile phone tools were confiscated by law as a crime. After the verdicts, Lee is not clear whether the appeal court. According to police investigation, Lee in the H Hotel hair trick prostitute small ads, prostitutes after he introduced into the hotel prostitution, collected from piaozi in commission, because prostitutes no hotel room card, take the elevator to rub the other guests card room upstairs, and the incident was "curved" in the elevator room card not found so, Lee felt "curved" is to grab the business with him the prostitution of women, they were dragging. According to the verdict, the 25 year old Li Mouceng due to disrupt public order, has been in September 2014, in October and in December, was sentenced to administrative detention for a period of 5 to 10 days ranging from punishment. The court judicial suggestions to the hotel to find loopholes when hearing the case, Li Mouceng defended "Yi and hotel management, provide conditions for the crime, this court found that Lee for the sake of economic interests and the implementation of the criminal acts of prostitution, and is directly linked to the H Hotel Management is not. It is understood that the "curved" day of the incident in the H hotel accommodation registration. But Lee repeatedly entered the hotel were trailing the guests entered the elevator, and the guest card floor layer issued Menolipsis trick prostitute advertising, or directly through the hotel security channel. After the verdict, the Chaoyang Court issued a judicial proposal to someone’s hotel management of Beijing Yi Tai Traders Hotel Management Co. Ltd., Shanghai Home Inn Management Co. Ltd. and cc. The court recommended the hotel to find security management loopholes, through arrange examine surveillance video, thorough investigation of staff, strengthen the real name registration accommodation and other means to eliminate nonessential personnel in and out of the hotel; staff recommended strict access system, strengthen the personnel occupation literacy education, and.相关的主题文章: