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Beijing Daily: theoretical innovation is the fundamental point of view — — original title: Dang Yongbao advanced the theory innovation is the fundamental to maintain the advanced nature of the Party pointed out that the general secretary Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the Forum on the work of philosophy and social science conference, "every major leap of human society, human civilization every major development, from on philosophy and social science knowledge and ideas change". Indeed, a political party, as well as a nation, in order to always walk in the forefront, act as a leader, we must find out the laws of politics and the law of human development, and constantly lead to lead the civilization of the big ideas, big theory. Or, to ensure that China communist party lacks vitality, inject inexhaustible impetus for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must constantly produce new ideas, new theory, innovation theory, the implementation of the party’s self transcendence, thus promoting the nation human civilization ground, have a strong cultural soft power and national influence. It is the reason, I read the Guangdong people’s publishing house, National Defense University professor Gong Fangbin’s book "thought — the rise of Chinese bottleneck and breakthrough" when the thoughts of joy and more. Two distinctive features of the author, an inquiry is a major proposition, "new politics" and "core values" and "mental construction" are the origin of the problem, especially for the core strength of the dominant social development Chinese Communist Party is concerned, even more so. From the results of the author’s time node, several important propositions are rich in innovative features. At the same time, due to the combination of theory and reality, it has strong pertinence and applicability. Another is to reflect on the party and the country on the road ahead of many new challenges, these challenges are fundamental and deep-seated, the need to have the spirit of Ideological and theoretical workers to think, to find the answer. Perhaps because of the latter, the value of the book is even more prominent. The so-called open book harvest, close to extend thinking. Professor Gong Fangbin explained the key of the book is "new politics", and the study of this proposition is very deep, for example, in another book "big strategy", has revealed the theoretical proposition of abstract is practical application. It is necessary for Marx’s theory to realize the times and china. General secretary Xi Jinping has clearly pointed out that in philosophy and Social Science Forum, the Marx doctrine did not end the truth, but opens up the road to the truth. This tells us that the real inheritance of Marx, must be innovative, good at innovation. From a practical point of view, even more so, China has become the world’s second largest economy, we are more and more close to the center of the world, the more the challenges will be more acute, how to deal with? We must adhere to the reality of the world in the care of their traditional form and development trend at the same time, it relates to the political view, only the establishment of a new political outlook, new challenges and new situations and new problems in order to effectively cope with the new political environment. With the end of the cold war, as well as economic globalization and trade liberalization, great changes have taken place in the world political ecology. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the world to promote the "community of destiny", "out of the cold war thinking zero sum game", which is a new political concept in the international field of a concrete manifestation,相关的主题文章: