Beijing City villa inventory emergency the highest price of over 460 thousand square meters o t420s

Beijing City villa inventory emergency   the highest price of over 460 thousand square meters of real estate — original title: Beijing City villa inventory in an emergency the highest price over 460 thousand square meters in a certain economic environment, capital profit driven nature makes the flow direction tend to agree. In Europe, the devaluation of the renminbi, asset shortage and other factors under the influence of the recent real estate market, especially in the first tier cities in the real estate industry is expected to usher in a broader than expected market performance. On the one hand for the rhythm is strictly controlled, developers in first-tier cities competing to grab the most expensive land; on the other hand, hot money also focus on global asset allocation will gradually from overseas back to the domestic commercial property, real estate and first-tier cities because of its irreplaceable value guarantee ability, become the object of investors compete, which constitutes a Beijing Shanghai property market price volume rose to a certain extent, the power stocks fell sharply. According to Knight Frank to BOC International released the 2016 "fortune" report shows, according to the survey, the average residential real estate investment accounted for ultra high net worth individuals wealth 1/4, more than 40% of the respondents said that the next 10 years will increase residential investment. Insiders believe that the loose credit policy to give these funds into the real estate power. Driven by leverage, a lot of money into the field of high-end real estate. In view of first-tier cities housing stock continued to reduce, reduce the supply of new homes, owners of second-hand housing price hike, property buyers today house is likely to buy tomorrow, the value of a scarce luxury become a sniper of ultra high net worth population scale. Only in the case of Beijing, the villa to villa in the city after the inventory is locked in 7000, is expected to "100 thousand yuan +" luxury inventory 5000 units (both have a small overlap), in the land of residential containment, the City mansion as a result of the stock less, is located in the core area of scarcity, trading volume and price in different processes. Statistics show that in the past 10 years, the Beijing city of Victoria within the villa is only valid in the sale of stock of only 62 sets. In view of this, Longhu Xi Chen original villa for half of the country occupied within the city of Victoria recently broke a Lake Wang, Shuangpin villa, record the total price of 125 million yuan, according to the unit price more than 460 thousand yuan square meters of ground. The project opened a year cumulative sales approaching 6 billion 500 million yuan, but also confirms the market for first-tier cities, pay close attention to inner top formats of products. The city house price break 350 thousand yuan or a few years ago, Beijing Diaoyutai 7 had thrown 300 thousand yuan per square meter price, then the industry in an uproar, think this is just a marketing gimmick, the market price can not reach this height. However, in July this year, Shanghai OCT suhewan project up to 344 thousand and 900 yuan per square meter price traded a villa, a China mainland property houses the highest ever recorded. The concern is that Shanghai OCT suhewan project and Beijing Longhu West Chen original projects have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. From the geographical point of view, Shanghai OCT suhewan project walk to Nanjing road just 10 minutes -20 minutes, east from the Bund about 1000 meters, the surrounding district financial center, high-quality resources and rich, belongs to the Shanghai inner ring in the heart)相关的主题文章: