Barber, barber, parachuting blindfolded blowtorch hot head, hair money, their hair.-demonophobia

Barber, barber, parachuting blindfolded blowtorch hot head, hair money, they speak a group linked to the barber. Barber to division they is not the cell door "XX model" in order to let you do a card with you about two hours nibbling teacher Peter, but the real limit barber barber, barber jump umbrella blindfolded, a perm hair money today, they may "jump cut, as the barber scissors, the sky diving shear ‘first appearance is fighting national team from Russia travel barber Denis Yushin his characteristic is, where poor environment where the first cut two picture you feel a need to be clearly made in the barber shop barber must have a love of adventure and heart in order to travel to money by wash cut blow God skill, began his journey environment what, all is not to ask Is it true that you are not afraid of a gust of wind that makes a razor cut into your head? I would like to ask cut motor racing brakes, how to do? More and more strange style "card? Do not do not pull you out!" Do not ride skydiving is not a good hairdresser diving fight nation, dare to mind only capital service "blind barber scissors hand Edward" Maksakov from Ukraine, his stunt is determined in the blind barber wash cut blow industry out of their one day Maksakov training on a hand started around the barber barber Nirvana high requirements of the skills he Tufaqixiang "if I blindfolded have to be 10 years old?" Maksakov’s heart is a feeling of excitement this zhuangby bad customer’s heart is the collapse of the others eyes can give you my bangs open eyes closed eyes may not give me ears cut off? The goose, blindfolded Maksakov like Edward Scissorhands possessed me Fengwu flying shear! Blindfolded barber is also full of confidence to think that he can let customers desperate to close my eyes in Da Da sound scissors blindfolded virtuoso ear brush, the result looks very good in his barber shop open and close cut cut price is the same but the bold try blindfolded barber you will be a burst of hair and a barber ‘Katana struck with fear experience, "the Spanish head shaved blowtorch barber Alberto Olmendo more cock his barber tools are torture torture yiyanbuge on sword samurai sword flying up and down in 1300 degrees of burning hair asked are you afraid of a blowtorch?! And let the gorgeous cut Edward Scissorhands cry in the legend of a blow your paws cut shaved bald you believe (uncle, I see you live hand very good ah…) katana, blowtorches, invincible hand scissors to the barber had a life out, is really man! This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news. ]相关的主题文章: