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The Bank of Holland: the Australian Federal Reserve or loose end but the Australian dollar look to Sohu 0.74- financial FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) – Bank of Holland (ABN Amro) on Wednesday (September 21st) the author expects Australia fed easing cycle or the end, but the Australian dollar to see the 0.74 level. Financial markets on the Australian Federal Reserve this year to expand the loose pricing is only 25%. We think the RBA cut interest rates by 25 basis points in the year. However, the loose debate lingers. RBA pointed out that the two quarter of the strong demand for economic growth significantly. However, from the Australian financial situation, we do not think this driver can continue. It is worth noting that easing the role of weakening at the same time, the role is still at least positive. The property market, the Fed has noted that the slowdown in housing prices over the past year, the rental vacancy rate rose. Although the selling rate increased, but the number of sales fell and lower than the same period last year. Mortgage growth has become mild. We expect the three quarter inflation will remain below the 2-3% target, due to wage growth and other cost pressures remain low. Exchange rate, we believe that the probability of a lower dollar in the next few months to go higher than the high, because the market for the Fed’s interest rate hike in December less than 60% of the price. The bank expects the AUD $2016 target level at the end of 0.74. Beijing time on September 21st 10:31, Australian dollar reported 0.755154. (source: FX168 financial network)相关的主题文章: