Baer trouble ah! His fiancee’s family in fighting drug traffickers have been arrested by the police-kimi wo omou melodi

Baer trouble ah! His fiancee’s family in fighting drug traffickers have been arrested Baer and his fiancee sina sports news, according to British media reports, the fiancee’s aunt was detained by police after the Real Madrid star Baer to strengthen the family security measures. Baer’s girlfriend’s family recently seems to have been involved in drug traffickers in secret war. The British "sun" reported that Baer’s girlfriend Elmar family again hit her aunt Annabel Williams on Friday with a man together was arrested at home, which is part of the police anti drug action. The girlfriend of Baer family in recent months to keep out all kinds of things, and a recent survey showed that this is probably the result of drug traffickers in the bucket. Elmar’s aunt, charged with money laundering, has been released after paying bail. During the operation, police found a bag full of drugs, money and jewelry at aunt Elmar’s house, worth 1 million pounds. Police believe that the drug gangs in the Middle East are looking for this package, which is the reason why Elmar’s grandparents home suffered an unknown attack in September. When someone at Elmar grandparents’ house window throw a brick, the door was open, and the family car is poured gasoline burned. This is not the first time Baer girlfriend’s family suffered a judicial problem. Baer’s prospective father in law because of the implementation of telecommunications fraud in Barcelona to the world, was sentenced to 6 years in prison in the United States court. Baer and Elmar have already had two children, and the two are planning to get married in the near future, not knowing if they will have an impact on their wedding. (Sergio)相关的主题文章: