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Background PK deep civil servants hard boss, you guess who won? Sina News columnist "Mandarin" Wen | decided to 2014 to our small units through education enrollment, or when I first came to college graduates, when the president of the student union; rich family, a father to the director, the mother is also Deputy level cadres; people are also very handsome, polite, very low-key and just like a God’s favored one. Little has been to want to back to home, never sit, hand because he compiled career identity difficult operation, on the other hand, is now the situation is not good, no one dare to head out of operation. Short father is also quite a relationship here, such as the government emergency do you want him to be in the past, but not willing to go to the small always on tenterhooks all day. Now in the unit also in the oil up to the largest right of the planning and approval of the Department of work. This year a special rectification work in charge of administrative licensing departments on their main departments, short itself excellent work, flexible mind, logical in this work. A and his colleagues were divided into B group led by nguyen. According to the inspection work arrangements, and colleagues in the middle of a small group leader Nguyen A down to the boss of the cattle business, the company’s license for re examination and acceptance. Just listen to a small section of the former colleagues talked about the big boss, with the Secretary of the relationship is very iron, cattle, temper more cattle. But what happened on the day of the inspection was still a bit short. When they came to the business, the Secretary received them and called the general manager. The phone came the total cattle vigorous domineering voice: "so little can give me a call, I will not say, you go, to eat meal, the tube quickly let them go, don’t forget the afternoon." Not for a moment, he saw the boss of BMW swiftly pulled out of the cattle company. In the short side hear clearly, since after work without breath, now apparently let people look down. Don’t talk to the group leader, urged the Secretary to take them to check! After the inspection, short inspection records listed in the table including site selection, layout, safety, health and many other problems in the field, and the rectification period also gave only 15 days short, directly signed, colleague A belongs to the bulkhead work type, saw little sign, hesitated signed. To the Nguyen group leader, he frowned, looked and looked, did not say a word, shaking his head to sign the word. They think that the Secretary short as usual check just as a mere formality, see have not see the check list also grinning sign. After the inspection, the small section of a table to keep them, and then put forward the rectification opinions, inform the 15 days will come back to check, and then head back to the unit. 15 days later, a short paragraph, colleagues A, Nguyen group leader came to the enterprise as scheduled. After getting off, alone in the small business circle, found that companies did not rectification, sanitation is the last little mess, not polite, not long winded, directly issued the penalty decision, the proposal to revoke the license, short and colleague A signed by the head of the audit. Ruan head set a deputy to speak the truth, speak Mandarin posture, short did not see, Ruan leader finally furuan, Mamalielie sign).相关的主题文章: