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Autumn, the calcium food tastes — Health Channel – original title: autumn, after the calcium food has experienced a hot summer, calcium body loss, especially children, it is prone to calcium deficiency. Since the autumn, this time is most suitable for calcium supplement. When it comes to calcium rich food, many people first thought is milk. Indeed, calcium rich dairy products, but in fact, some foods more than milk is rich in calcium, such as black sesame. The content of calcium containing black sesame hectogram in had more than 500 mg, while milk hectogram content also nearly 200 milligrams of calcium content is lower, egg. Calcium more seafood, such as fish, shrimp, small shrimp, kelp, laver are rich in calcium. According to the relevant test data, calcium per 100 grams of dried small shrimps was 991 mg, 1.6 times 6 times of sesame, bean curd, milk is 9.5 times. However, shrimp is often used as a garnish, which is not particularly good calcium absorption. In addition, soy is also a good supplement food, such as flour, tofu, Yuba, Soybean Milk equivalent is cheap, simple cooking, convenient to eat. Many people don’t know is actually one of the vegetables are also sources of calcium, such as lily, carrots, cabbage, rape, is rich in vitamins, but also can provide the body with calcium. (Liu Yang: Sheng, commissioning editor Quan Juan)相关的主题文章: