Australia prime minister to strengthen defense cooperation as a guarantee of Defense Military

Australia prime minister to strengthen defense cooperation as a guarantee of Chinese excuse – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: "should not be regarded as Singapore and Australia enhanced defense cooperation to contain China", 13, visiting Australia, Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong as saying. Earlier, media speculation the new defense agreement with the relevant Chinese. According to The Associated Press, Singapore and Australia signed a defense cooperation agreement with 13, extending the military training base in Queensland, australia. According to the agreement, the Singapore Army each year in Australia training time will be extended to two times in 18 weeks, troops will be increased to 14 thousand from 6000. Li Xianlong said on the 13, Chinese is the largest trading partner of Singapore and Australia, the two defense cooperation agreement is a part of the regional cooperation, Australia and Singapore "should not be regarded as against the China group". Li Xianlong said, "we are good friends, but we are not treaty allies, we will not fight any country in the region". The Associated Press said Australian Prime Minister Turnbull agreed with Li Xianlong’s statement. However, Turnbull said that in the past 40 years, the U.S. military presence in the Asia Pacific region to strengthen regional stability and prosperity. The rapid economic growth in the Asia Pacific region, especially China, is based on peace and the U.S. military presence in the Asia Pacific region should not be ignored. Reported that Australia and the United States last week on the sharing of military round in the northern Australian city of Darwin’s $1 billion 500 million in infrastructure spending to reach an agreement, in order for the 2500 Marines to provide training base for the United States to expand Chinese in Darwin’s round in the scale of opposition. Reuters said that as a loyal ally of the United States, Australia in the South China Sea over the disputed islands to send reconnaissance aircraft, and support the United States in the disputed waters. Reported that the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Fan Changlong said in Beijing on 12 met with the Australian Defence Force Commander Binskin, I hope that Australia in the South China Sea issue cautious words. China is willing to work together with Australia, actively promote the healthy and stable development of military relations.相关的主题文章: