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At the age of 76 he was released from prison prison: love analysis news – talk with eloquence Beijing news background "credit fraud case in December 28, 1993 Mu rate Nande group in cooperation with Russia, the successful launch of the" heading "direct broadcast satellite television. Since 1994, neg began manufacturing course series of satellites. In 1995 countries tighten economic policy, to carry out the satellite service, requires a lot of capital Nande group, is undoubtedly a huge blow. At this time, a man named He Jun who used to appear in the front, said that he is willing to provide funds to help South through. Sure enough, the funds timely arrival, heading three satellite launch in time, again through neg. However, the money provided by He Jun but who used and neg dragged to the abyss. The police investigation found that in August 1996 in Hubei province of China light industrial products import and Export Corporation "cheat credit arbitrage", the neg funds and the case are inextricably linked. Originally, the neg for emergency financing, participate in joint planning with the "fictitious goods, cheat credit Jun and Hubei light industry, illegal possession of state funds" behavior. As one of the people who used the decision, was identified constitute the crime of fraud on letter of credit. In January 7, 1999 he was detained in Beijing in February 8th the same year was arrested. In October 12, 1999, the Wuhan Municipal People’s Procuratorate formally charged neg on suspicion of "credit fraud"…… (Law weekend) Chengdu daily chief reporter Zhao Qian who also has a "Chinese richest man" and "Chinese first cheat" two labels and who used in long after 18 years in prison, finally released yesterday in Hubei province of Hongshan, out of the prison gate. Petition submitted, the court said the case, his body fortunately, there are still some friends, we will discuss together to deal with the things behind." He has been running the case, insisted for 18 years, Xia Zongwei told the Chengdu daily reporter. Xia Zongwei, like Mou Qizhong a stubborn stand around the tree, she is the Secretary of the South Group Chairman Mou Qizhong, his ex-wife’s sister, Mou Qizhong’s agent. Whether it is in jail or who used in high and vigorous spirits Xia Zongwei never abandoned him. Before the freedom in mouqizhong, Xia Zongwei has been to the court of appeals on mu case. More than and 10 years later, he is free, but in the continuous efforts made by Xia Zongwei, who used the criminal appeal case also has by the Supreme Court of Hubei province in the last case, enter the retrial procedure. At the age of 76, he was released from prison, but she seems more busy. She said, there are a lot of specific things to deal with, need to settle. The most anxious, who used the criminal appeal cases should be the next step in progress. Petition has been handed over, the court informed that the case, but the next step how to go, but also need to wait for the court notice. How the future will be planned, Xia Zongwei did not have a clear idea. She said that the current temporary相关的主题文章: