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Arsenal look forward to: the Gunners are expected to win the first game of the season or the first combination of bread – Sohu sports Beijing time on August 27th at 22 points, 2016-17 season, the England Super League in the third round of the competition to start the game in the first round of the world cup in the first round of the game. Arsenal at the VEKA Rugby Road Stadium against the Waterford team. This is the record of the confrontation between the clubs twenty-fifth times against Arsenal after 13 wins 1 flat 10 negative, into 45 ball lost 35 ball record, which in the 6 match in the Premier League era, Arsenal 6 matches, scoring 16 goals to lose 3 balls have absolute advantage, the two sides in the last 10 games against Arsenal. 7 wins and 3 losses. The two teams last met in last season, the thirty-second round of the league, Arsenal beat Waterford 4-0 home court. The last time Waterford in the home court to beat Arsenal dates back to the 1987-88 season before the football league, it is worth mentioning that the past Games only a draw in December 22, 1984, Arsenal in the League home court 1-1 draw with Waterford. One point: the gunman is expected to usher in the season opener A Senna in the League before the two a ping negative record obviously cannot make the fans satisfied with the return of Mesut Ozil, koscielny, Giroux and other key players, A Senna team also gradually complete, the face of the current round of Waterford, will be a good opportunity to the Gunners to take all three points in the 6. The two sides clash in the Premier League, A Senna unbeaten, but the last time Waterford beat the Gunners in the top league dates back to 1988, A Senna last season away wins over Waterford, the two round A Senna 7 ball and 0 ball team. Arsenal play a significant psychological advantage, as long as the normal play, the Gunners are expected to usher in their first victory since the start of the new season. Point two: Mesut Ozil and Giroux or a starter last round match against Leicester City, attacking Mesut Ozil and Luigi Lujun in the second half substitute, especially the return of Mesut Ozil greatly enhance the Gunners frontcourt attack, pre match press conference, Wenger also said that Mesut Ozil is likely to start against. Mesut Ozil contributed 19 assists last season won the Premier League assists, and Giroux is the last season the team top scorer, Mesut Ozil and Giroux Arsenal on this powerful combination attacks, the game if we can both start, will enhance the confidence to win. Aspect three: Waterford Shuangsha can make threat to Waterford last season the highest light is undoubtedly their combination of Harlow and Dini Ignatius were two, scored 16 goals and 13 goals in the league and Waterford League last season total score only 40 goals, scoring a total of two people accounted for more than half of the team. Although Waterford was the gunman after blasting in the league, but last season in the FA Cup final in 1/4, it is two people’s performance led the team upset victory over the Gunners into the semi-finals, Ighalo scored a goal in the game. The new season, the Gunners defender has been plagued by injuries, although Koscielny return to ease back the crisis, but his partner Haldin is still new, and Koscielny in the central defender position distribution)相关的主题文章: