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Finance Jennifer .pleted a credit application at a local vehicle dealership near her home. She is ecstatic that she has saved enough money for a down payment to purchase her first vehicle. It took Jennifer several months to save the money she needed to purchase a vehicle to solve her transportation dilemma. She .muted several hours daily on a bus to work and school and now she had the opportunity to cut her .mute time significantly by securing a vehicle of her own. After Jennifer .pleted her credit application for her vehicle loan, the finance manager ordered her credit report and provided Jennifer with the out.e of her credit history. The finance manager told Jennifer about a delinquent credit card that appeared on her credit report. Jennifer was unaware of the credit card that was listed on her report. In fact, this credit card did not even belong to her. Unfortunately this credit card created a negative impact to her overall credit rating making it difficult for her to obtain financing for the vehicle she wanted to purchase. Jennifer left the car dealership furious and upset that she was turned down for her vehicle loan because of the credit card that appeared erroneously on her credit report. She decided that she would dispute the credit card charge listed on her report, but, she was unsure how she would go about doing this. Well Jennifer, you may want to consider using these tips to dispute the credit card listed on your credit report: Tip One: Call the credit card .pany or creditor listed on your credit report and dispute the credit charges. During your telephone conversation with the .pany representative secure their name, and mailing address for the .pany. Tip Two: Send a certified letter to the credit .pany confirming the telephone conversation you had with their representative and that you are disputing the charges applied to your credit. Request that the creditor send you written information concerning the charges applied to your credit and the name of the original creditor. Be sure to ask the creditor to remove the erroneous charge from all your credit reports and provide confirmation of when they anticipate this will be done to restore your credit. In the interim while you’re awaiting a written response from the creditor on this disputed credit charge listed on your credit report, the creditor or debt collector must report your dispute to the credit bureaus. Keep in mind that it may take some time for the creditor to investigate your disputed credit charge. Just be sure to follow-up with the creditor if you believe it is taking too long for a response to your request. Tip Three: Review all three of your credit reports (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) to monitor any erroneous charges that may appear. Follow-up with creditors on charges that do not belong to you to have this information investigated for removal from you credit reports. You may want to consider ordering a copy of your credit reports annually for free at annualcreditreport.. or call 1-877-322-8228. Tip Four: Continue to follow-up with the creditor on your dispute until the matter is resolved and your credit is restored. Ensure that this information has been updated with all three credit bureaus to reflect your updated credit standing. Tip Five: If you continue to have problems with the creditor in getting your credit issue resolved you may want to consider contacting a non profit credit counseling service or legal counsel. Tip Six: Make sure you do not pay for debt that does not belong to you. This may negatively impact your overall credit for several years. Jennifer was now ready and armed with information to proceed with disputing the credit card listed on her credit report. She felt confident that she would be able to get her credit issue resolved in order for her to purchase a vehicle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: