Arabian Horse

UnCategorized The present day Arabian horse is not only the world’s best natural pleasure horse but has .e into his own as an all around using horse. With the greater quantity of purebred Arabians available today, more and more of them are finding their way into the hands of .petent trainers who can do justice to them and also into general ranch work. One can see any number of good Arabian cutting horses that place well in open .petition. And in addition, as a stock horse or reining horse the Arabian, with his speed and agility, is giving the other breeds tough .petition in the arenas and showings. Another thing that is always a source of surprise and pleasure to horse lovers is the ability of women, children and other pure beginners to take these so-called high strung stallions and show and handle them with .parative ease. One thing that many have .e to believe is that Arabian breeders should pay a lot of attention to selling to new owners. An Arabian horse sold to a new owner is the best form of advertising possible, because invariably he will cause other horses to be sold to those that .e in contact with him. Another good point that some breeders might consider is the gelding of all colts that do not show the prospects of outstanding stallions. Recent sales both in the east and the west show the small demand for stud colts. If these colts could be turned into good trained geldings, there would be a steady demand with good prices and a horse that could be a credit to the breed and a pleasure to the owner. Fellow Arabian owners and breeders here in the United States should also consider the fact that of our possibly tens of thousands of living horses we have the greatest and best source of purebred Arabian horses in the world today and we should strive in every way to improve the breed and keep the Arabian horse in the high esteem to which he has been known for centuries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: