Apple vs glory, who is the strongest double camera virtual (video)

Apple VS glory, who is the strongest double camera virtual? Tencent digital news (Zhong Wenze) iOS 10.1 released, equivalent to Apple re issued a iPhone 7 Plus. Mobile phone with the SLR, the two different things, again in the fate of the next big reunion. Although there are many different ways to play the dual lens, but as long as the manufacturers are willing to, basically can play a virtual. In today’s video, we’re going to compare the performance of three dual mobile phones in virtualization. The 7 Plus, the black and white double color glory 8, and the pure virtual pure pure HTC One M9+ are respectively near and far. In this video, you’ll see: iPhone 7 Plus double camera virtualization, the original algorithm has been temporarily abandoned? Glory 8 virtual algorithm, which leads the apple? What is the mystery of the double lens in the focal length setting of apple? HTC One M9+ as a two year old mobile phone, how far away from today’s flagship? Whose grammaticalization effect is closer to reality?

苹果VS荣耀 谁是最强双摄虚化?  腾讯数码讯(钟文泽)iOS 10.1发布,相当于苹果重新发布了一次iPhone 7 Plus。手机与单反,这俩天差地别的玩意儿,再一次在命运的大手下重逢。  双镜头目前的几种玩法虽然各有不同,但是只要厂商乐意,基本都能玩一个虚化。在今天的视频里,我们就来对比一下三款双摄手机在虚化方面的表现。分别是远近双摄的7 Plus、黑白彩色双摄的荣耀8、以及纯虚化的pure pure的HTC One M9+。  本期视频中你将了解到:  iPhone 7 Plus的双摄虚化原来有一种算法被临时抛弃?  荣耀8的虚化算法哪一出领先苹果?  苹果的双镜头在焦距设置上有什么玄机?  HTC One M9+作为一款两年前的手机,距离如今的旗舰机有多远?  谁的虚化效果更接近真实?相关的主题文章: