Anti-corruption Storm 2 exposure stills Chen Jing Zhou Yumin met the beauty bar entertainment Sohu

"Anti-corruption Storm 2" exposure stills Chen Jing Zhou Yumin met the beauty bar – Chen Jing and Zhou Yumin Sohu entertainment bar Cai Jie ambitious talk with Louis Koo cooperation Cai Jie betrayed hue won the Lu Haipeng asylum [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news crime action movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" adhering to a realistic style, focus on exposing the money "" right "and" color "of the dark side of society, from the perspective of the audience look sharp spicy. Today released stills will focus on "color", the so-called "hero sad beauty", in the film, Cai Jie plays "Hyun rich girl Li Li and Chen Jing as Zhou Xuan, between Julian Cheung and Zhou Yumin Liu Aibi will fall into a pure girl, money, desire and emotion of the whirlpool, turning to the film set to become the indispensable power of women" men play ", will be more real social" color "the dark lines show the most incisive. "2" anti-corruption storm produced by Raymond Wong, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Chen Jing, Sheng Jun and Bowie Lam co starred in the September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, will visit the national cinema. "Women show off their wealth sell beauty will become empty" pure Mei "honest and frank in the photo you can see God save, Cai Jie plays Li Li dressed in elegant, jewels, and clubs, casinos and other high places, is a real" women show off their wealth, and her way of acquiring wealth is a mysterious rich sell beauty Lu Haipeng played in Huashan. In his great wealth asylum, more than greedy Li Li began to indulge in gambling, the more deep on the road of no return on deeper. But she is more ambitious, started his career, and Louis Koo disguise business cooperation, not knowing their fox’s tail has been exposed, has become the object of the ICAC investigation. In the face of their own greed and cruelty of reality, "beauty" can save her again? Where will she go from here? And Chen Jing played by Liu Aibi, it is emotional factors, so that the beginning of the re examination of his life with the beginning of the beginning of the life of Julian Cheung and the beginning of the life of the people of the Republic of China, and so on, and so on. As Julian Cheung’s sister Liu Baoqiang, her brother woke up at the crucial moment of chaotic heart, let him go on track. But we can see from the stills, Chen Jing and Zhou Yumin have many encounters and exchanges in the film, her pure, kind and frank infected Zhou Yumin, a little bit of melted Bounty Killer cold heart, let him start thinking about his future would be like. The emergence of Chen Jing, will eventually change the fate of Zhou Yumin. The two men light feeling the zombie movies in the tough a gentle warm, it is worth looking forward to. "Beauty" behind the dark reality and greed talking led Li Li thought Liu Aibi two female characters, from the surface are "beauty" at the head, but in fact behind and "greed" has an indelible link, they are "greedy" victims of different choice makes the final ending. Li Li was born in a poor family, she is the heart of greed, let her gradually lose themselves, rely on beauty embarked on a road of no return; and Liu Aibi is the opposite, is her first boyfriend and brother greed, caused her tragic past, she also let more people hate "greed" to.相关的主题文章: