Angela Chang climb 8 hours exposure caused by fighting heatstroke vomiting beat MV mmhouse

Angela Chang climb 8 hours exposure caused by heatstroke vomiting beat MV Angela Chang beat MV Sina computer entertainment news August 25th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Angela Chang [micro-blog] (Angela) new series "fully occupied" title "fully occupied" MV launch yesterday, she MV looks difficult, first in the blazing sun in 8 hours heatstroke vomiting, she also climbed to the 1 floor of the high pedestal, lying shot in the glass, she let the spirit of extreme tension, soak in cold water after the shooting, shooting conditions such as "ice day five days", let her cry. She had challenged the jump in more than 25000 late in the air, seemingly what all not afraid, but in the "comprehensive" fall but took fast collapse, a large glass director, erected in a two-story tower, to lie on the glass, such as showing a photocopier beam sweep screen. Although the platform height is not high, but the people will move around under severe shaking, so she was very nervous shouting". MV location to fresh water in eight shot, she began to comb from 3 a.m., 6 point shooting, with up to 37 degrees Celsius temperature, nearly 8 hours to shoot in the sun, causing heatstroke even vomiting, finally the director also arranged for her to call her a water film, "cold" into the water, the body does not break tremble, let the staff looked distressed, afterwards he also said there is "smile like addict five days". (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: