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Aluminium prices hit a new high this year: Northwest transportation and higher coal prices pushed up aluminum prices hit a new high this year because the goods were blocking the road? The northwest area of tension capacity, and higher coal prices pushed up the price of aluminum aluminum wheel, the domestic spot market as a whole is still slightly bigger than for the sake of. Xiong Shaochong did not significantly improve the supply and demand, spot aluminum prices have soared. In September 27th, the domestic spot price per ton of aluminum in one fell swoop break three million mark, shot up to 13240 yuan per ton, hit a new high this year, rose nearly 7% in a week. Market analysts believe that the main reason for this round of price increases is constantly reduced inventory. Inventory reduction, there may be better demand, but it may be only a decrease in arrival." Shanghai Steel Union, my colored Network Analyst Li Xun told the interface news reporter said that although the recent market demand has improved slightly, but the main reason for this round of rising aluminum prices are caused by transport factors. In September 21st, the Ministry of Communications issued the "Regulations on the administration of highway vehicles exceeding the limit". Under the new regulations, the standard of highway overload is reduced, that is, the volume of goods transported by bicycle is reduced, and the cost of highway transportation is increased. "Freight drivers negative response, but also want to plant shill, do not agree, double reverse cannot reach an agreement. Aluminum motor in northwest area reduced, lead to rob the railway wagon. While the car itself is limited, a large number of aluminum ingots shipped out, the market volume decreased, pushing up the price of aluminum." Specializing in the aluminum Market Research Information Agency, said Zhang Meng, Hongkong Aluminum Co., ltd.. Most of the market circulation of aluminum ingots from the northwest, especially in Xinjiang. "My colored network survey results show that from the beginning of September, transport and handling of Xinjiang aluminum ingots began to appear is not smooth, the Urumqi station was at least 50 thousand sets of container backlog, serious congestion. According to a factory in Xinjiang, its August 30th shipments to Gongyi, and in September 10th has not arrived, slower than normal 3-4 days. At the same time, Chongqing aluminum ingots trader feedback, southwest regional problems and cycle number of arrival." The above research report shows. Coal prices is another reason for this round of aluminum prices soaring. Since May this year, coal prices changed sharply in the last four years of decline, turned up. Shaanxi coal prices in August after almost 30-50 yuan per ton on up. In the spot market, Qinhuangdao port coal price has reached 550 yuan tons, and local early lows of 350 yuan per ton compared to an increase of 57.1%, still did not stop the rally. Coking coal futures market has hit a new high. "The cost of power generation coal rise will affect plant owned electricity carried on, further support aluminum prices," Zhang Mengcheng, now run domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity of about 33 million 800 thousand tons, has owned electricity production capacity accounted for more than 70%. However, the NDRC said on September 23rd, the current rapid rise in the price of coal is lack of market fundamentals, nor sustainable. "The government level has sufficient control means and control space." According to local coal prices, tight supply, the NDRC will continue to take the relevant measures of coal supply and price stability. Domestic spot aluminum market fundamentals have not changed much. 1-.相关的主题文章: