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Also see how to deal with the risk of a face lift! – Sohu health any surgery has risks. Face lift surgery is no exception, especially the head and face is one of the many important blood vessels, nerves and facial features are located, if failure, may cause serious complications. Therefore, the hospital environment, equipment conditions, especially the doctor’s qualifications, technical level and experience requirements are very high, which can greatly reduce the risk of surgery. The above complications may be more serious, but the actual incidence is not high, for experienced doctors, the incidence of complications is lower than that of double eyelid, nose and other conventional surgery. For example, such as zygomatic bone, facial swelling may occur after the operation, the need to do a good job in advance to fix the bandage, facial nerve branch injury, local infection, may also appear to be done to prevent. Mandibular angle surgery risk is relatively large, mainly because the facial blood vessels and nerves are nearby, the main problem is bleeding during and after surgery, if you go to the masseter muscle, bleeding may increase obviously. But as long as the anatomy of the doctor is clear, skilled operation, this problem can be avoided; followed by facial asymmetry, requiring doctors to operate fine, skilled, experienced. The facial liposuction, liposuction is less remarkable, but much more trouble, too many local liposuction thin skin together with muscle adhesion, smiling face is "dimple", while the mandibular angle area if the removal of excess fat, eat the masseter muscle contour will be very obvious, so it is difficult to see. All facial liposuction liposuction surgery is the most difficult to master, many institutions launched laser lipolysis has its reason, relatively safe operation. And if the buccal fat pad, and too much, there will be "suck the gills", very old, and prone to facial nerve injury, the formation of "crooked mouth". From a security point of view, according to the provisions of the national industry, involving bone face lift surgery, belonging to the class operation, should be in three or more hospitals, and do not choose not qualified clinics, clinics or small hospitals. Because the three level of hospital comprehensive strength is relatively strong, Department equipment, such as the necessary Department of Anesthesiology and ICU ward, inspection department, the anesthesiologists in surgery, medication, comprehensive observation, first aid ability is also very strong; emergency treatment of bleeding, bleeding 30-50ML normal, generally more than 500ml bleeding, patients will go into shock state, need to gradually take infusion and blood transfusion and other emergency measures, but at all clinics and small hospitals without blood, do not have the rescue conditions; and three level hospital doctors and nurses in the emergency and other aspects of experience, with a good. In my few years of operation experience; liposuction, thin face needle, buccal fat can not go to three hospitals, but also requires a doctor accurate operation, anatomical knowledge, high professional ethics. The hospital has a sterile operation room, complete rescue facilities, etc.. The path to beauty requires caution. Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Xi’an Lu Binglun Oscar orthopaedic centre Dean appointment interview: lu99772 WeChat. Micro-blog search: human body decoration professor Lu Binglun welcomes the Chinese beauty industry, Whampoa  military academy elite to visit相关的主题文章: