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Alan’s 1 goals + 2 ball catching performance Dachong double crown cannot do without [he] report Hengda 6-2 victory over Zheng Long Liaozu 2 ball home court J Ma GalAT broke Tencent sports September 18th Hengda home court to 6-2 rout of the distant foot, show a good competitive state. One of Alan’s performance is quite eye-catching, not only for the Hengda scored 1 goals, but also pass through manufacturing team before the 2 goals, the performance can be described as thick and heavy in colours. There is no doubt that the performance of Alan, Hengda has become a major weapon on the road to compete for the championship. Alan scored 1 League 2 outstanding performance so far, Alan has only scored 11 goals for the GalAT Hengda, Hengda, become the second shooter array. Taking into account Alan only played 22 times, which is only the first of the 20 games, to show such an amazing efficiency. The beginning of the season, because of the presence of Martinez, Alan often can not play or substitute debut, which also makes it difficult for him to get a chance to score. When Martinez was injured, Alan finally secured the Hengda’s main position, the play is also more and more excellent. It is worth mentioning that Alan’s goal is the average screenings in 10 games, he scored 11 goals in the league. Only the home court with Shenhua contest, Alan staged the plum to open two degrees of the play, the remaining 10 games he only scored 1 goals. Such data, fully explain the stability of Alan field. The Hengda in the same Liaozu war, Alan once again the person of outstanding ability, show the most incisive. This game, Alan not only scored 1 goals, while using his outstanding personal abilities, the defensive opponent upside down, let the opponent feel overwhelmed, it also shows his ability. Hengda before the 2 goal, with Alan there is a direct relationship between. Sixth minutes, Alan on the right near the bottom line, Gao Lin received a long pass, clever defenders conveying inverted triangle pass, which also create chaos in the distant door, then GalAT is broke in the melee, help Hengda achieved blitz goal. In eleventh minutes, Alan received a pass from Gao Lin, with a keen vision to find Paulinho plug after delivery, assists him. It is Alan’s active, help Hengda early determine the advantages of 2-0. The 2 time for teammates to do the cake, Alan, the second half of the game, and finally opened his goal account, but also to make this game become very perfect. In sixty-third minutes, Alan received the GalAT pass, with a calm tuishe past Liaoning football door, Hengda will help expand the advantage to 4-1, but also completely lock the game victory. Then when Alan was replaced by Martinez, he is still not satisfied, apparently also get enough. Alan’s excellent play, help under constant Montana this crucial game, still maintained a 6 point lead. Hengda compete for the league title and FA Cup champion on the road, still can not lack of Alan’s help. (drop)相关的主题文章: