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Airport competition | TOP 8 hub, which one do you love? Sohu recently by Tourism Aviation News Shuaping: Zhuhai airshow was like a raging fire fighter &, domestic airliner; rookies will become the T blue sky; those pictures from the public number: morning tip will be in the future expansion of Shanghai Pudong Airport terminal 5 +8 airport runway giant flagship news also let the magic both people and aviation enthusiasts excited; 3 is building the world’s largest single satellite office / terminal 2 night before a Southern Airlines a flight to save the air behind North American oil temporary landing event for the ill fated industry add sparkle. The pictures from the public number: morning tips today, those things we come and we talk about the aviation industry. In this period, we start from the most popular airport. Because the work factors and interest (Jun is an aviation flying powder), often flying, also likes to stroll around the airport, planes shot, collect aircraft model. Fly over the city, also experienced different airlines for long haul flights non-stop and the opportunity choice, boats tend to turn you. "Tokyo Yutian photographed ana Star Wars 787-9 aircraft coating can go to different airports, but also can experience more airlines (the first standard boats to buy a ticket to choose is you never tried to airlines), then the airport transit becomes very important. On the turn, the following three factors: 1, you need to carefully consider the time (transfer waiting time, flight time and time) 2, turning the airport facilities to improve the degree of (an extra surprise, idle away in seeking pleasure, etc.) 3 price factors (transit fees, transfer price sign cost) from European routes to Europe most of China time transfer destination in the Middle East is (of course, such as the stability of the situation in Turkey after the transfer in Istanbul is also very good, Middle East) of the big three advantage to turn subsequent flights to minimize concerns. There are two reasons for the Middle East recommended: 1, rarely involved in the airline code sharing flights turn very much, only once the security can be 2, 3; 3 city airport facilities to improve enough to pay the lounge, shower room, shopping experience for the most perfect delicacy was sent boring turnaround time. || Dubai International Airport Emirates base, one of the most familiar transfer destination! Because there are a large part of the European route by the United Arab Emirates airlines fly, plus all over Europe, the waypoints, make it become the first familiar with the "European transfer station"! In Shanghai, for example, a day early in the morning 2 flights to Dubai, most of the time is not more than 5 hours to get on the plane to fly to Europe really save time. Look at the terminal facilities: 24 hours of the world’s largest single duty-free shops, more than 4 hours passengers free meals, shopping, children’s play area sweepstakes, everywhere chairs, shower room, Fu Feijing相关的主题文章: