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Drunk driving after the foreigners this is play a Sohu which comments on October 22nd morning, Xiao Yue Lu Nanan District of Chongqing occurred due to road traffic accidents caused by drunk driving. After the accident, the driver did not stop on the roadside vomiting. In the face of the Traffic and patrol police came to his first, "Biao English" with foreigners, and said do not know who opened the car, refused to cooperate with the police investigation. Subsequently, the police retrieved surveillance video found along the way, the car driver is the man. (October 30th "new cultural newspaper") who are afraid of drunk driving traffic police, however, in real life are often afraid of what to what, because once a traffic accident occurs, it is not for you, in the presence of alcohol tester, who also don’t want to muddle through, the bet is bet, if you dare. Driving, don’t blame cross points ruthless, be fined or detained, you are asking for it can not blame anyone. The man in Chongqing, wine accident driving, is not the first time the police, take the initiative to admit drunk driving, in order to obtain the police but another way to use leniency in meting out punishment, by pretending to be a foreigner, let the police law to show mercy, give yourself a way to escape punishment. It seems the perpetrators, if a foreigner is drunk driving, the police will be lenient, never seriously to go. But he just ignored the point of equality before the law, foreigners also with no exception whatsoever. Abide by the laws and regulations Chinese, this is the bottom line, I believe every foreigner is not so capricious, dare to play the gangster China in territory which has been, the fact that. "Biao English" to foreigners, you want to get out, don’t say your English is so poor, hiding from the police piercing eye, even if you get a foreign passport, the result is the same, never heard of, foreigners can drunk driving, impunity, visible, your IQ is not high, even very stupid so, idiotic acting once seen, not only can not help you, will leave. Do not drink and drive, do not drink driving, it is evident to anyone of common sense, as long as you drink, no matter how strong your driving skills, good English, France, who is no good, endangering traffic safety, we must bear the consequences.相关的主题文章: