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Travel-and-Leisure Hotels and Other Ac.modations in Puerto Rico When planning for your trip to Puerto Rico, you might be interested in the different ac.modation choices that you can book for your trip. This shouldnt be a problem since there are many places to stay during Puerto Rico vacations that can suit a travelers preferences and budget. From budget-conscious to upscale tourists, there is definitely one hotel waiting for them to stay in Puerto Rico. Luxurious ac.modations in Puerto Rico include 4 and 5-star hotels as well as resorts with golf courses, spa resorts and casinos. They are frequently located along the beach front and popular names for luxurious hotels are Hilton, Ritz-Carlton and Marriot. On the other hand, those who prefer affordable Puerto Rico vacations can opt to stay in inexpensive hotels that still have ample amenities and facilities like 2 and 3-star hotels as well as inns and bed and breakfast. Lastly, travelers can also try staying in paradores which are small family-run hotels in Puerto Rico which are often located in the countryside. Puerto Rico Vacations Wellness and Spa After a long day in the beach or discovering Puerto Ricos natural and historical wonders, there is no other way to end your day with a good massage. With this, Puerto Rico vacations now include spa and wellness as one of the activities that tourists and visitors can do while in the island. To do this, there are now many hotels that have spas and even spa resorts within the island for tourists to choose to have some pampering. Spa services offered in Puerto Rico for their guests include different kinds of massages, facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. Imagine yourself having a soothing massage with a relaxing view of the beach as you listen to the calming splashes of the waves. Also, some wellness centers in Puerto Rico offers sessions for yoga, Pilates and meditations for guests to fully recharge during their vacation in the island. Lastly, tourists can also check out the different spa packages offered in many hotels and resorts to maximize their spa holidays in the island. Interesting Places to Visit in Puerto Rico One of the factors that make Puerto Rico a well-visited destination is the number of famous landmarks and attractions that it can offer to its visitors. With this, sightseeing is a popular activity in the island and many visitors enjoy taking a tour to Puerto Ricos different places. The most popular in Puerto Rico are its forts like the forts of San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal which are both located in the old San Juan and considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, you must take the opportunity to visit the famous Bacardi Rum Distillery which shows the process of making rum to its visitors. Those who want to explore the natural beauty of this island can check out Mosquito Bay and the La Parguera which are famous for the bioluminescence emitted by organism living in its waters. These bays are noted for the bioluminescence from water organisms which in effect, make these bays glitter in the dark. Lastly, you might be interested in learning about life in Puerto Rico during the past by visiting old plantations in the island. Flights and Puerto Rico Vacations To get to Puerto Rico, you have to board and fly directly to this paradise island. The international airport of Puerto Rico which is located a few miles from its capital receives majority of its visitors especially those .ing from outside Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean. Aside from the Luis Muoz International Airport, there are smaller and domestic airports in Puerto Rico like those located in Aguadilla and Ponce. There are many direct flights that tourists from the US and from other parts of Europe can book. It is a good thing that there are many flights available for Puerto Rico and they are generally cheaper making this Puerto Rico vacations more enticing. Likewise, those who want to save on their airfare to Puerto Rico can choose to fly with no-frills airlines like Jet Blue, Liat and the Caribbean Sun. Lastly, this island is very close to the US and Canada and is only 8 hours from Europe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: