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Business The global business scenario with expansion of business networks across geographical boundaries has brought about an upsurge in the aerospace industry and aviation sector in particular. Added to the global environment changes are the increase in the travel requirements and the increased focus on military aviation. Most of the players in the aerospace industry tend to compromise on operating margins. This is so because the aerospace manufacturing engineering companies need to work out methods to meet the ever changing customer demands of innovative products and process and world-class solutions while leveraging localization. The industry leaders with commitment and zeal to provide quality services are also challenged by the competition prevalent in the aviation industry and the rising cost of raw material and energy. However, to withstand such challenges, and be in tune with technological advancements the need for to designing and developing hardware, its implementation, testing and integration besides its relevant software has become imperative. Integrated aircraft avionics architecture is crucial for any aircraft, but with the increasing cost of avionics engineering services, outsourcing the same to aerospace manufacturing and engineering partners will help in cost reduction. The term avionics refers to the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites or spacecraft and includes communications, navigation and management of the systems on the aircraft. To meet the demands from consumers for an engineering consultancy and speed up in the delivery of aircrafts with integrated avionics, a number of offshore engineering services partners have mushroomed. The global leaders in aerospace avionics solutions and aerospace testing services with their manufacturing service centers set up in special economic zones in the India Sub-continent, provides the customers with range of aerospace avionics engineering services. With a global industry experience and worldwide business presence, these leaders provide customized and innovative solutions to the aerospace clients. The aerospace avionics engineering services offered include software and hardware engineering, design and development of mechanical avionics, automated test equipments, control systems and instrumentation engineering, development of simulation software, engineering analysis, and designing of technical publications. The expertise of embedded software development has enabled them to offer complete design-to-build solutions for avionics and embedded systems. Besides, with expertise in aerospace testing, these enterprises provide their clientele complete automated testing equipment, test procedures and support-to-certification for both black box and white box testing. The avionics engineering services offered by the leading providers whether offshored or on shore are aimed at reducing the product development cost, lead times, while increasing capacity, resource availability, instrumentation, effective data documentation, and product analysis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: