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SEO AdWordPhrases, a Los Angeles based website marketing company, provides a full suite of online website marketing solutions directed to the internet community. (PRWEB) April 21, 2004 — AdWordPhrases has built a strong technical and sales force aimed at providing the best online marketing services at the most affordable costs in order to service a wider array of online clientele. Their experience goes back 10 years in the Email Marketing arena and another 6 years in the Search Engine Optimization field. AdWordPhrases has most advanced by perfecting a quicker and easier Internet navigation system called AdWord Phrases for those who no longer want to navigate using long complicated and hard to remember domain names, or hunt through thousands of search engine results to find what they are looking for. With AdWordPhrases they can put your website on the front of all the major search engines. You can also then choose your desired keywords or phrases you would like to appear under. They put your website on the top of all the major search engines and actually open your website in the results. Once registered all traffic derived from your words will now be delivered to your website. You will have access to a login area were you can track your visitors. AdWordPhrases is intuitive, familiar words and phrases, such as generic phrases and names or a short description of the websites goods or services. For example, if the searcher types "Bank" into the Search bar of any major search engine on an upgraded computer, they are instantly connected to the respective website. AdWord Phrases are used in conjunction with search engines to provide direct access to websites, giving users the ability to navigate from any point on the Internet directly to our client’s website, or even a specific location deep within their site. To avoid many of the problems of the current domain name system, AdWordPhrases manage the assignment of Internet Keywords with the goal of avoiding misdirection of users and misappropriation of trademarks and trade names. Recent Forrester Research study shows that search engines are the top method for accessing customer sites followed by e-mail, and Search Engine Optimization. is currently the largest provider of keywords in North America and is developing standards with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). To rapidly expand this technology, the Company has leveraged its existing customer relationships and is aggressively pursing new distribution relationships around the United States through ISPs, as well as providers of search, directory, e-commerce, portal and content services. Client’s acceptance of the AdWord Phrases product is almost intuitive. For anyone marketing on the Internet, keywords are foundational to online marketing strategies. Keywords are used in every websites meta-tags (these are hidden text descriptions) to notify search engines which words describe the site. There are also a number of sites that now sell keywords under what is known as a pay-per-click (ppc) model. Search Engine Optimization also focuses strictly on Keywords and meta-tags to increase a websites natural ranking on the major search engines. AdWordPhrases’s SEO service offers the guarantee that you will not find with most of the other SEO services online, a guarantee of first page placement. They will do everything in their power to place their clients website to be ranked in the natural results on the first page of those major search engines. Where other companies shy away from guarantees in order to stay safe, AdWordPhrases will put their name on the line for their clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: