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The adjacent district heating costs in different scale and different ways of heating property: "we owned residential heating boiler price is 7.8 yuan per square meter, a cell wall is also a self heating boiler, per square meter fee is 7.5 yuan. Why do we charge fees on the district? Property companies such charges reasonable?" Yesterday morning, who lives in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an, a district of the owners of Mr. Cao call asked. The adjacent why district heating costs different yesterday morning, who lives in the eastern outskirts of a residential district is Mr. Cao said, they owned boiler heating, the year before the heating fee is 7 yuan per square meter last year, suddenly rose to 9.29 yuan, after several owners and property companies to negotiate, finally dropped to 7.8 yuan per square metre. This year is still in accordance with the price charged. A cell with their cell wall, last year was 7.8 yuan per square metre, this year dropped to 7.5 yuan, equivalent to two small size, why they charge higher than residential property to the neighbors? His house is 140 square meters, the previous year to pay heating costs is $3920 last year to pay a $4368, this year has to pay so much, it is simply a bit puzzled. The residential property management office, said Liu, different residential boiler heating costs are different, mainly with the boiler type, heating mode, the number of households is different. Some boilers installed 4 motors, and some installed 1 motors, power consumption is not the same. In addition, the boiler and heating time is different, some radiator heating, boiler burning time is short, but the indoor heat dissipation is not uniform, some floor heating boiler, a long time, the cooling effect is good, how much time the boiler determines consumption. Another is that there are 2000 owners living area and the owners of the residential area of the 800, the larger the area, the lower the heating price. They like the district a total of 378 households owners, is used in floor heating, split down certainly more expensive than residential owners. The adjacent cell and owners refers to a total of 460 households, 0.3 yuan cheaper than their family heating is inevitable. For owners to reflect the situation and problems, they will further consultation with the people. Self heating boiler should be fully open and transparent consultation for Mr. Cao reflect the situation and the Property Department explained that the Xi’an Price Bureau relevant responsible person said, according to the "Xi’an City Price Bureau on notice" owned boiler heating price negotiation for publicity work related requirements, develop or adjust owned boiler heating prices, must follow the reasonable compensation cost, fair burden and full consultation, the principles of openness and transparency. The heating unit based on careful calculations on the annual heating period of heating costs operating costs, the annual plans of heating prices (new residential heating prices within the region can refer to the same type, size of the heating unit estimates, plans). The plan includes heating price residential area, the owners of households, the occupancy rate, boiler operation, heating capacity, the annual total heat and heat fee payments, cost estimates, the original price, the price of heating, heating up the heating time every time segment, fees etc.. After相关的主题文章: