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Aaron Kwok good thing nearly? Red Net girlfriend wear ring million lead suspect Aaron Kwok suspected good nearly Phoenix Entertainment News according to Taiwan media reports, the day before the king Aaron Kwok in Hongkong Hung Hom concert, even sing 15 games to attract a large number of fans, a small 23 year old girlfriend Fang Yuan (Moka) to support more from work. He open a new romance has been half a year, his girlfriend up bright and support the concert, was found wearing a diamond ring finger million Hong Kong media, triggering curiosity "good is near!" Aaron Kwok from the singer turned to acting, and return to the stage to dance and sing in the concert singing the song "endless love for you", was found in the face of his girlfriend Fang Yuan, lianhan 4 "I love you", was Lenovo into the public disclosure of love. He touched his girlfriend in the celebration from work to support each other, especially at 8, likes to laugh. Fang Yuan dressed in a sexy style appeared in concert, cheer for her boyfriend Aaron Kwok. According to Hongkong media reports, in addition to become the focus of audience perspective on the upper part of the body, left hand finger on a NT $2 million 500 thousand (about RMB 530 thousand) of the ring, with the same brand price table drill NT $250 thousand (about RMB 53 thousand), because the ring on the middle finger of the left hand, have an engagement meaning, a "photo exposure secure" topic!相关的主题文章: