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Aarif Lee and Fan Bingbing once suspected default affair, he said (Figure) Aarif Lee Fan Bingbing photo Phoenix Entertainment News the evening of August 31st, micro-blog released a small users visit Aarif Lee in a variety show in the dialogue screenshots, and accompanying text: "I asked Aarif Lee in the program: I heard there is a female star name not in front of you. I want to tell you. Then said to Li Bingbing, Aarif Lee hesitated, said: No, fan…… Wei qi. This is for the first time that he and Fan Bingbing dated, but two people was finally broke up after Fan Bingbing and Li Chen together." Show screenshot screenshot screenshot program, said an interview with Aarif Lee s heard a woman do not mention the name of the star, or Aarif Lee will soon be broker away. Aarif Lee said that the first is deliberately vague s called "Li Bingbing", Aarif Lee answered that it was not, but the "fan", Aarif Lee also intends to say "Christine Fan" as a joint. Small s said two people had (Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee), and Aarif Lee said "don’t be so shy face directly?" Suspected default. It is reported that two people together for the first time in 2013, Aarif Lee played a spoony considerate warm heart male Zhang Tongyu in the movie "night surprise", launched a sweet love and Fan Bingbing plays Catherina Yim. Since two people also worked with "legend" is also rumored later, during this period of time. In March 13, 2014, with Fan Bingbing and Li Chen in the photo, generous love, Aarif Lee and Fan Bingbing this "whirling" scandal of love ended. Fan Bingbing and Li Chen related news taking Aarif Lee out of flirting: on.cc East network time: March 6, 2015 Aarif Lee picked backpack, low head, low head left. According to Hongkong media reports, in the circle of many couples take advantage of yesterday (March 5th) the Lantern Festival, sweet feeling show of affection, recently with the mainland actress Fan Bingbing and husband Li Chen heats up taking a flirt, Fan Bingbing in the micro-blog message said: "eat you, eat you, eat you!" Ming to eat "lee". In contrast, Fan Bingbing’s former rumored boyfriend Aarif Lee was immediately scored in limbo, before he got a friend to accompany shopping heal, but a lonely face during the selection of travel package, the whole low head he saw the reporter black left in a hurry. The mainland sister Fan Bingbing earlier and Hongkong artist Aarif Lee sex scandal, a sex scandal more filming the mainland drama "legend" but Fan Bingbing was later, "faithless" to play with another actor Li Chen’s arms, two sparks soon heats up, repeatedly photographed separate appointments, and even have heard the man asked her to marry him. Two people love hard from the last month of Valentine’s day are both in Shanghai Hotel secret honey will spend two nights, warm. Duzui love doll table yesterday (March 5th) the Lantern Festival in many circles, such as Zhang Ziyi and Huang Xiaoming took the opportunity to show the sweet love, Fan Bingbing certainly did not suffer, flirting with Li Chen across the empty. Fan Bingbing in micro-blog without evasive message: "you eat, you eat…… The proglottis (partial) not to eat dumplings, eat you!" With a red face, toot mouth doll face kiss,.相关的主题文章: