A variety of lens nicknames are not aware of being laughed at by the photographer-popkart

A variety of lens nickname do not know the photographer is careful to take photos of the photographer like the camera, it is certain. So also to the camera and lens have played a lot of strange names. Some of these names sound adorable and cute. Some of them are lake. The key is, when photography veterans who chatted about equipment, nobody said the lens model, his nickname equipment. As a kind of industry. If you want to talk with others, they must know. General article Dasanyuan: Dasanyuan refers to various manufacturers inside the new constant zoom lens F2.8 aperture lens. For example, Nikon is: 14-24F2.8G, 24-70F2.8G, 70-200F2.8G is II L III (Canon: 16-35F2.8 for 11-24mmF4L, II, 24-70F2.8L can also be) 70-200F2.8L IS II, and various other high-end brand Dasanyuan lens is generally referred to as tau. Introduction the Three Musketeers: entry Three Musketeers refers to various manufacturers 18-55mm kit lens, 55-200mm (55-210mm) 50mmF1.8 kit lens, and the cheapest one. Introduction to the Three Musketeers and various other cheap brand lenses are often also known as a dog. There is a camera called the horse head. Travel is used, usually more than 10 times the big zoom lens. This lens is also a call is the end of the world, which means a mirror to the end of the world. Canon = red circle (L head): there is a red circle on the lens, there are L letters in the model, L said luxury, Canon professional lens. Green circle (Do head): there are diffraction lenses. Canon professional head. Canon white a lot, so many scenes with "white" nickname. White: EF 100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 L IS USM white rabbits: EF 100-400mm f cannon 4.5-5.6 L IS USM II above the white gun two generation mice (XB):EF 70-200mm f 2.8 L USM – white gun, two smaller than the head above the small white (XXB):EF 70-200mm F 4 L USM — the white man and gun, little love white (ISXB):EF 70-200mm f 2.8 L IS USM – XB more than IS (Image Stablization) Fangdou love small white (ISXXB):EF 70-200mm F 4 L IS USM — more than the XXB IS anti shake love rabbit, too call the small white rabbit (ISXBII):EF 70-200mm f 2.8 L IS II USM ISXB — the II generation of white fat: EF.相关的主题文章: