A ten billion won a substantial positive of the main securities Sohu sell fake diving-diamondprox

A shares baiyiji substantial positive of the main diving – Sohu securities although sell fake red three soldiers Thursday after the market rebounded, and today the continuation of Thursday’s slightly late diving trend. But in the national team of social security funds into the accounts today tens of billions of market, short-term market correction does not change the midline rebound pattern, short-term investors should be the main anti fake diving whipsaw out. It is reported that the national social security fund yesterday to domestic trustee card a total of about 10 billion related stock movements, for the purchase of stock market in two, today is the market operation. And the direction of social security investment, we can see from the fourth quarter Jiancang action. Good track display, the annual report of the company has disclosed, there are 17 companies by the Social Security Pro gaze, which has strategic industry, high growth performance and scarcity of the company was heavily favored. As with the favorable policies of the pharmaceutical sector, Sannuo biological garden creature is massive gallon, increase the performance of the flush, Prudential shares, the scarcity of the leading PE Jiuding investment fourth quarter were heavily favored social security etc.. These are popular stocks recent performance were abnormal strong, fully illustrated with social security Jiancang stocks rebound, the most persistent and explosive force, we can follow the bold layout. The social security fund policy on the ability to grasp the basic stock, can tazhun the direction of industrial development, follow the pace of social security positions, it can get better returns. We Guangzhou Bandung believe that social security is not a charity, but not the majority of investors stuck " " PLA; the purpose of the market, is to see the market valuation of A shares is low. Such as the current CSI 300 dynamic price earnings ratio is only 10 times more than the stock market, bank profit rate is low, and many stock price has broken the net, in the high dividend rate, its investment value has emerged, the central bank in January a record release of liquidity, the RMB exchange rate trend Chinese macroeconomic stability, hard landing concerns disappeared. These positive factors are greatly attracted in the social security fund. However, although tens of billions of social security funds stationed in favor of boosting the market, but there are energy constraints, the market leader will continue to rise in small cap stocks. Therefore, we should keep the same pace in stock Jiancang can focus closer to the small cap stocks, especially to send a high class of small cap varieties, we can choose the bold layout. As the annual report released 10 to send 20 participates, high information program, the stock’s recent strong outbreak of the 5 connecting plates near 60%. not only successfully restore investor crash losses, was detonated by a number of high transfer stocks blowout, such as the Great Wall, China Three Gorges continuous trading retaliatory rebound, before the Dragon head finance development is nearly two months soared up to 290% independent. The report shows that gaosongzhuan class of small cap stocks, the funds approved the highest power the strongest, a soaring new outlook leading great possibility, we can boldly bargain buying.

A股获百亿级实质性利好 谨防主力假跳水杀跌-搜狐证券   虽然红三兵后周四大盘反弹戛然而止、且今日延续了周四尾盘小幅跳水走势。不过在国家队社保基金百亿划入账户今起入市下,大盘短期的回调不改中线的反弹格局,投资者短期还须防被主力假跳水洗盘出局。   据悉,全国社保基金昨日给多家境内委托管理人划账总额约100亿 相关公司股票走势 ,用于在二级市场购买股票,今日即可入市操作。而社保投资方向上,我们可从其四季度建仓动作看出端倪。好股道显示,当前已披露年报公司中,有17家公司被社保亲睐,其中具有战略产业、业绩高增长与稀缺性公司被大举亲睐。如具有政策利好的医药板块花园生物、三诺生物被大举加仓,业绩大增的同花顺、宝德股份,稀缺的PE龙头九鼎投资四季度均被社保大举亲睐等。而这些被亲睐的个股近期表现均异常强势,充分说明具有社保建仓类个股,最具反弹持续性与爆发力,我们可紧跟其后大胆布局。   社保基金对政策的把握能力较强,选股基本能踏准产业发展方向,跟进社保建仓步伐,确实能获取较好的收益。我们广州万隆认为,社保不是慈善机构、更不是广大套牢股民的"解放军",其入市的目的无疑是看到了A股市场的估值低廉。如当前沪深300动态市盈率仅有10倍之多、银行股市盈率更是创新低,且不少股票股价已破净,在高额的股息率下,其投资价值已显现,央行1月创历史释放流动性、人民币汇率趋向稳定、中国宏观经济硬着陆担忧消失,这些积极因素极大吸引了社保基金的进驻。   不过虽然社保百亿资金进驻有利于提振市场,但又有量能的制约,后市领涨龙头仍将在小盘股中崛起。因此,我们应保持相同的步伐,在选股建仓方面可重点向小盘题材股上靠拢,特别是对具有高送转类的小盘品种,我们更可择机大胆布局。   如豫光金铅,年报推出10送20高送配方案,该股近期便强势5连板爆发近60%.不仅成功挽回投资者股灾损失,更是引爆了一批高送转类个股井喷,如神州长城、三峡水利连续涨停报复性反弹,前龙头财信发展更是近两月独立暴涨达290%等。充分说明年报高送转类小盘股,资金认可度最高爆发力最强,成后市暴涨新龙头可能性极大,我们可大胆逢低买入。相关的主题文章: