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A rewrite history force (long memory? For the Red Army troops) – Shanxi Channel – people.com.cn Sichuan ago Ya’an Shimian County 11 kilometers, there is a narrow valley, the Dadu River and Pine River through the convergence of high mountains and lofty hills here, roaring pour down. Here the steep river rapids, clouds, flowing, but because of who is on the Dadu River Ferry is one of the few, for the military has always been a hotly contested spot. The Qing Dynasty, where flash floods destroyed the market, so the reconstruction after the "mountain long river, along the rail" of Italy, renamed "anshunchang". However, this seemingly insignificant ferry, China in modern history but never calm, one after the army came here two completely different fates. "The Dadu River flow in acute and long, also in the mountain ladder." When the light fell back in May 1863, Shi Dakai was king of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom wing by Yunnan Sichuan arrived by purple (now Shun Chang), in the face of the fast water out, more than 40 thousand people were trapped in the dilemma of more than a month, was soon surrounded by the hundreds of thousands of people, and ultimately powerless, The whole army was wiped out. The act of history is sometimes strikingly similar, but it is stamped with completely different footprints. After a lapse of 72 years later in May 24, 1935, the Central Red Army troops arrived to Anshun, which crossed the river. Jiang Jieshi finds it difficult to fly military wing, "shouted" to Zhu Mao, second u.". The end of a hero, not trapped in the red army. The completion of Dadu feat, and continue to wonder – human military history – the long march. (a) on the way reporters Anshunchang, encounters a similar to the memory of the martyrs old man — then asked to know, his name is Sun Dongning, is the year of Dadu in the first division of the Red Army first group first battalion the son of Sun Jixian. In 1990, Sun Jixian died in Ji’nan after Sun Dongning, according to his wishes, his father’s ashes into the Dadu River, always with the mountains and rivers into one. Sun Dongning on his father’s memories, strung fighting time to contact in front of the Dadu River that runs rolling and thrilling. In 1935 after the Zunyi conference, the Central Red Army in just a few months of four Chishui, recapture Zunyi, crossed the Wujiang River, Guiyang threatened Kunming, clever feint, crossing the Jinsha River, and adhere to the correct national policy and passed the Yi area, into the Dadu river. But when the situation is still very dangerous: Jiang Jieshi flew to Chengdu to personally supervise, hundreds of thousands of Kuomintang troops behind the chase, Liu Xiang, Liu Wenhui and other Sichuan warlords to major ferry troops with the insurance according to the guardian. The Red Army through the Yi area and forced the army 140 miles, a camp Sun Jixian in a former town to destroy the Anshunchang Anshunchang Shoudi, find a boat, crossing the natural barrier of Dadu River, hit a road. A memorial in China Dadu later in the Red Army built riverside Museum, the reporter found that Anshunchang on a ferry ferry replica. Originally, the Dadu River on the water too fast, and many dangerous shoals reefs, can only rely on the unique local a length of 8 meters and shall be equipped with)相关的主题文章: