A photo of a story 2016 National Geographic Photography Contest Selected winbook

A photo of a story: 2016 National Geographic Photography Contest featured in the annual National Geographic Photography Contest is still in progress, but the submission deadline on Friday. The grand prize winner will receive 10 days of Galapagos Islands double tour. The organizing committee is generous enough to allow me to show some of the entries here. Each works with the text written by the photographer. Source: Thierry Bornier 1. "Mount Huangshan falls". I captured this picture in the early morning of Mount Huangshan, china. At that time, I climbed the mountain at 3 in the morning to the shooting point, when I arrived, even if the surrounding darkness, I can see the clouds moving slowly. I look forward to the sunrise when the clouds will not disappear. Fortunately, I took this picture at about 6:30, and in a few minutes after the shooting, it was completely gone. Source: Brett Monroe Garner 2. "Bubble". On the shores of the island, a green sea turtle emerges. At that time I was on the side of the sea turtle free diving, it is comfortable to swim in the sea, the mouth from time to time to spit bubbles. Source: Terra Fondriest 3. "Tadpoles girl". A few weeks ago we raise tadpoles in the mire now will jumping around the. Some have small tails, some have grown up. In this photo, my daughter and her tadpole friend. A few days after the shooting, when we look back to the mire, everywhere is alive and kicking little toad. This summer, we have a lot of tadpoles in the mud, and this is just the first batch. Source: Brittany Crossman 4. Fox tango". Two foxes in the quarrel. Source: Mohsin Abrar 5. "Color of the ocean". This picture is not only attractive, clear blue water, and the distant station in two near the horizon. Source: Jose Pesquero Gomez 6. "True friendship is not skin color". "True friendship is not skin color, nationality, race, social status, age, gender, and distance." – Luis A Ribeiro Branco. Two big cone like Mantis play in a thin line of plants. Source: Manish Mamtani 7. "Autumn view". Aerial view of autumn everywhere, in new hampshire. Source: Varun Aditya 8. "Take you into the jungle". Early in the morning I walked into the woods, the result of a long period of drizzle, the kind of quiet atmosphere so that I can not distinguish between the day and night. Heavy fog, cold air and years of silence can let the restless soul is quiet, at this time I saw a green snake! Source: Hideki Mizuta 9. "October ariake". Sagga county is Japan’s largest producer of laver. Image source: A Jonathan ice相关的主题文章: