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A man in Zhenjiang because his wife does not agree to divorce with pesticide into court seeking to let go of Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Wu Hongyun Lin Qingzhi) Zhenjiang Jurong a man to express the determination of divorce, I want to take the pesticide into court, the ultimate security for fear of being identified only on the outside. According to the Jurong court bulletin, Wang and his wife Jo has been married for 11 years, because young, Wang had made some mistakes, although on the surface of the family to forgive him, but he always felt his parents and wife are full of self distrust, often to blame on him, which makes him feel very depressed, pain, want to get rid of marriage as soon as possible. Because his wife has not agreed to divorce, parents do not approve of their divorce, Wang actually thought to death. Before the court mediation, the judge found that Wang emotional, extreme behavior tendency, and then brought it to the counseling room. After the judge patiently enlightened, Wang Moucai slowly opened his heart, told the judge about the painful experience at home, and confessed to the judge, he had bought the pesticide, originally intended to take into court, afraid of being checked out security, pesticides were hidden in the grass outside the court. After half an hour of persuasion by the judge, Wang’s mood eased. Wang insisted on divorce, his wife also strongly disagreed, eventually the two sides did not reach a mediation agreement. But Wang said to the judge, after telling the judge and listening to the judge’s persuasion, he felt much better and wanted to open up. He will listen to court decisions about divorce. Expanding video: nothing to do with the original text. Song & #21894; do not agree to divorce? The wife submits the man’s cheating evidence

镇江一男子因妻子不同意离婚 带农药进法院求放过现代快报讯(通讯员 吴红云 记者 林清智)镇江句容一名男子为了表达离婚的决心,居然想带农药进法院,最终因怕被安检查出才放在外面。据句容法院通报,王某和妻子曹某已结婚11年,由于年少气盛,王某曾经犯过一些错,家人虽然表面上原谅了他,但他感觉一直以来父母和妻子都对自己充满不信任,经常对他加以指责,这让他感到很压抑、痛苦,想尽快摆脱婚姻。由于妻子一直不同意离婚,父母也不赞成他们离婚,王某竟想到了以死相逼。庭前调解时,承办法官发现王某情绪激动,有过激行为倾向,随即将其带到心理辅导室。经过法官耐心开导,王某才慢慢敞开心扉,向法官讲述了在家中的痛苦经历,并向法官坦白他已经买好了农药,本打算带进法庭,怕被安检查出,农药被藏在法院外的草丛中。经过法官半个小时的劝导,王某的情绪才有所缓和。王某坚持离婚,其妻又坚决不同意,最终双方没有达成调解协议。但王某向法官表示,通过向法官倾诉并听了法官的劝导以后,他的心情好多了,也想开了。对于离婚的事,他将听从法院判决。拓展视频:与原文无关。 宋喆不同意离婚?妻子提交男方出轨证据相关的主题文章: