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A "giant" today released the director Spielberg to create dreams – Beijing’s Ultimate Edition Poster Beijing Beijing in October 14, the reporter learned that, directed by the famous director Spielberg’s fantasy adventure movie "a giant", in Chinese, today officially released. In order to let the audience feel pleasure in advance, the film side today officially exposed a Trolltech version of the film clips, bursting with innocence. A "giant" by the known as "the movie dreamer" said director Steven? Directed by Spielberg, a long time ago, Spielberg had the original novel as a bedtime story to his seven children, but ten years ago, he finally bought the original fairy tale copyright, but for a long time because of Photography Limited no way to achieve in the imagination of the shocking picture. Ten years ago, I bought this fairy tale is to shoot it, waiting for a long time, from five years ago really began preparations and shooting". The movie "a giant" adaptation of Roald Dahl? Global best-selling novel "good heart" is the Hollywood giant, the famous writer Melissa Matheson? Forgotten as. The old Queen’s Hollywood, gold production team and Oscar best actor with Mark? Join Lyon more "a giant" a tiger with wings added. "The film stills giant" Spielberg said: "ten years of absolute technological change is to help people realize the dream of the movie, digital technology to achieve our imagination. The birth of digital technology allows artists to imagine any picture of the mind to shoot out, presented to the audience, is now the most powerful digital technology to provide services for the special effects." If the audience can see 9 meters of BFG in front of the real "blowing dream", brave little girl Sophie surrounded by countless colorful dreams, so we believe that nearly 70 year old Mr. Spielberg, making ten years of waiting, five years, is about to come true. Today about the exposure of the "Trolltech edition" fragment is happened in kind when Cyclops visit the queen of england. The movie "a giant" the Chinese version of voice actor Huang Lei in this segment recorded, is kind of awkward pronunciation Cyclops perfectly talented; a lot of yellow will Sophie shifty character, played most incisive. (end)相关的主题文章: