A car in Nanjing turns into a sidewalk and turns into a dilemma400ai.com

A car drove into the sidewalk around the trapped in a nice hobble is really never heard of before a Chevroler, black car in order to save tens of meters, should not hesitate to advance under the viaduct at a pedestrian crossing to U-turn, unexpectedly at the pedestrian crossing winding, like the river fishermen under the rhythm, fish into the net, never come out again, the car around the wall, trapped out at the exit end, back to back up, hit the tail, drive on the right rear door up card, is simply the people angry and funny, laugh and cry. The evening of October 8, 2016 at 9:23, the ride from east to west through the model of Gulou District Nanjing Road, walk far see beneath the green belt in a high car black bridge car lights, suddenly I feel very puzzled, "is not a car accident to fly into the green belt?" The results of a closer look, eye popping, the original is a car traveling from west to east of the black Chevrolet King City car, along the road in a traveling from west to east to tiger road traffic light intersection, is more than 10 meters far away from the pedestrian crossing ahead, turn trapped in a nice hobble. The car was damaged after many miserable. I saw a car is a small, estimated to be a novice, lack of experience, and a passenger car on the drive and don’t understand the young lady, she opened the right rear window glass, to command the driver after several forward and reverse, the results repeatedly hit, more than half an hour to move, also blocked the electric from the bike, you angry and funny. To the author left, the car has not yet opened, trapped under the bridge.

南京一汽车开进人行道调头被困 进退两难 真是前所未闻,一辆雪佛来黑色轿车为了省几十米路,竟然毫不犹豫地提前在高架桥下一处人行过街通道强行调头,不料这处人行过街通道弯弯曲曲,就象河里面渔民下的簖网,鱼进了网兜,就再也出不来了,车子前后碰壁,被困在最后的出口处出不来,往后倒车吧,尾部被撞,往前开吧右后门补卡,简直是让人又气又好笑,哭笑不得。2016年10月8日晚9时23分,笔者骑车由东向西经过南京鼓楼区模范西路,走着走着远远看到高桥底下绿化带里有一轿黑色桥车亮着灯,顿时笔者心里感到很纳闷,“是不是汽车发生事故飞进绿化带了?”结果走近一看,让人大跌眼镜,原来是一辆由西向东行驶的黑色雪佛兰景城轿车,在沿模范西路由西向东行驶快到虎路北路红绿灯路口时,为省十多米远的路程,提前从人行过街通道调头被困,进退两难,车子前后多处被撞坏,苦不堪言。笔者看到,开车的是一位小伙,估计是位新手,经验不足,加上车上的一位乘客又是不懂开车的年轻女士,她打开玻璃右后窗,指挥司机前后多次前进和倒车,结果反复被撞,半个多小时动弹不得,还堵住了从此经过的电动自行车,大家又好气又好笑。至笔者离开,车子仍未开出,困在桥下。相关的主题文章: