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A: Beijing Cheng Xuan Daqian 2016 autumn auction to push Lot 108 works of Zhang Daqian Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) amitayus vertical color on paper 104× 53 cm. About 5 square feet of Geng Chen (1940) for the exhibition: "Qiao min Hua Yuan Tibetan art exhibition" (Taipei), Henry art gallery, February 1994 to August published: "Qiao min Hua Yuan" paintings twentieth to 21 pages (Taipei) honeshee art foundation, January 1994 Zhang Daqian "amitayus" Zhang Daqian and the origin of Buddhist publications when young people in Songjiang has deep meditation temple as a monk, although only a month is to, "Chang" fahao is lifelong, and "Chang" claiming. Each painted statues are to hold pen to write, very pious, and to the heart of the Buddha, the Buddha did not unrelated. As Zhang Daqian wrote to amitayus, the Buddha amitayus is Amitabha’s translation, is the main Buddha western Elysian Fields, representing wisdom and light, he Zeng Fu Yanshou mana folk painter painted this theme, that is the Buddha with a sincere heart, also has the good for longevity. Is a picture made in 1940, the artist was in the prime of life. The amitayus side dish sits in the futon, is thin and solemn, thick hair sideburns, robe shawl, revealing the thin bone body. Behind the background of Zhongshan stone rise steeply, the upper end mask for the cloud, under the temporary bank and streams, a plane from right into the painting, broad leaves with stretch, zhuangruo canopy, slope around the Buddha with all kinds of flowers, such as rendering a solemn quiet atmosphere like pure land. The top left picture with stone charm long Title Buddhist script, the other in running time and signature and title painting, picture integrated, and highlight the theme. Amitayus, Damour and other Buddhist themes throughout Zhang Daqian’s works, often with statues, are fine, each period of creation and show different artistic styles, early by deep McKinnon, presenting meaning to quaint solemn, old age is more concise hunpu. The odd statues, painting is rich and varied, see also the colors carefully, background description is rich and not overwhelming, both foil characters and create the atmosphere of the picture made visible, winter heart rhyme, and their own business intentions, can represent the masterpiece for its early style. "Amitayus" painting entitled "respect made amitayus area in high Taishan, high Taishan Qingchengshan first peak amplitude is extremely, the painter retired in Qingchengshan when he wrote. Zhang Daqian had an episode in Qingchengshan, a day after a quarrel with his wife angrily left, long time no see, and quickly looking for, finally found in a secluded cave wall in his sitting close "practice", and away from the noisy crowd, in the quiet environment of Qingchengshan was born, Zhang Daqian wrote, Buddha, Guanyin painting and writing, will practice the heart of his pen. 117 Zhang Daqian Lot (1899-1983) water bearing wind vertical color on paper 143.5× 75.5 cm. About 9.8 square feet of ulsa (1965) for publication: shop相关的主题文章: