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A 7p "Xi Ying Guo Xi Fei biography" new version with the ceremony to people.com.cn   games; Xi Niang Qiazhiyisuan, small owners are in no mood to work recently a certain state of learning, one about to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. Finally the seven day National Day holiday is coming, we feel unable to calm down the heart, "Xi Fei biography" also for small owners to bring a new version with a luxury holiday packages, optimization of game experience, and the most stunning costumes IN heavy trench ceremony activities make you enjoy the national day seven days. The new version of the storm struck to celebrate National Day holiday will enjoy, just "Xi Fei biography" the new version has been updated to the palace to see fresh scenery? PVP play new hierarchical attribute addition, the current version can be up to 170 levels plus 84.5% attribute values, carefree palace fighting said, first to a battle arena in rio! Fashion story Xunlong also launched a new three pass chapter, small owners can see their collocation to exactly how the strength. In addition, "Xi Fei biography" the new version also conducted a comprehensive optimization of a new round of the game, the price, the official page of fame, skills cooling optimization, all just to give small owners bring to perfect court experience. With a turn out unexpectedly this trench ceremony celebrating the day, "Xi Fei biography" has also brought the most luxurious holiday holiday gift for the small owners, big wheel national day to accompany you to spend seven days time, rare game props, permanent property title, cos service, Xi Niang limited screen around the non-stop delivery gift umbrella but, do you think this is the end? Naive! Xi Niang also for small owners for Apple three piece set: iPhone7 Plus (256G), iPad Pro (128G) and iPad Air2 (32G), so Hao ceremony both hands, waiting for you to receive a small master, it is said the big screen play "Xi Fei biography" the palace fighting up Gengshuang yo ~ everything in a beautiful suit the national day of course, even in the game so well, "Xi Fei biography" golden week will also bring a new fashion for small owners ", right wing Liufang" is the set of all the United States just cry small main beauty! Light to the beauty of Bi blue gradient, green flowers, beautiful dance, to feel the sky fairy. This set of attributes and fashion is also orange attribute the best, put it on whether yen value or strength can the envy of many small main palace. In addition to "dieying Liufang" as well as supporting the family fashion, EVA family not miss. What does the court think about eleven? It’s the decision. Never finish the palace Carnival "Xi Fei biography" Mobile Games national luxury activity is not limited to this, there will be many interesting activities have on the line, let you absolutely hi enough for eleven seven days. No, just seven days? Even if the end of the holiday, also came to the "Xi Fei biography" the court of the palace bucket play fun, wearing beautiful clothes all over the clothes, give you a never scattered palace feast Carnival ~   (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: