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72 companies cheat fill, the new energy market ugly come from? Auto – Sohu in early September is destined to be busy, in addition to the Chengdu auto show, the new continuous concentrated market, in September 9th, the industry also issued a "new energy automobile manufacturing enterprises and domestic expenses to fill the illegal summary table". This list according to the region, the name of the enterprise, there is no car brand, car electricity, does not agree, the related party and dealers, end users, idle idle vehicles, the total amount of the total number of categories, the 93 automobile companies were the number and amount of detailed statistics. Among them, 21 companies statistics are zero, while the other 72 car companies suspected of different amounts and amounts of cheat fill behavior, involving a total of 76374 vehicles, involving the amount of fraud to reach $9 billion 270 million! In early May, there was news showing four ministries in the near future will be the new energy expenses scandal announced the results of the survey, now in the 4 months after the truth finally, how gratifying! As we all know, the development of new energy vehicles is generally recognized in the industry, is the future of the blue ocean market, but what is the reason for the emergence of a new energy market deformity of the market environment? Cheating and other malignant events? The development of new energy vehicles in the "policy market" stage. It can be seen that China’s second batch of new energy vehicle policy in 2014, the specific implementation of the basic policies in place from the beginning of early 2015. In the high subsidies, exempt from purchase tax, not Yaohao and other favorable policies, consumer acceptance of new energy vehicles began to improve, car companies began to follow up. Considering the product R & D and production to the market cycle, so we see that in 2015 the cumulative production of new energy vehicles 379 thousand, an increase of 4 times; this year 1-6 month 177 thousand the production of new energy vehicles, sales of 170 thousand vehicles, compared to the same period last year growth of 125% and 126.9% respectively. That is, after the new energy policies landing, the new energy market began to usher in the explosive growth, obviously, the new energy vehicle market "policy market" property shows. Objectively speaking, it is precisely because of the policy of the city’s attributes, driven by the interests of the new energy fraud will find a chance to fill. The side effect of related party transactions is huge. The related party transaction is a kind of transaction which is often appeared in the operation of the company, and it is easy to produce unfair results. Many companies as long as the sales will be able to get subsidies, a number of bus companies on the false license to cheat, and others through the associated transaction illusion, trying to deceive the customs clearance. As the car industry, including Tianjin BYD, Tianjin Qingyuan, Guohong automobile, Shanghai maple, Jiangsu land ark new energy electric vehicle Co Ltd, Austrian Jiangsu new energy automobile enterprises and a number of non mainstream, appear in the "summary". The main problem of the related party transactions is the vulnerability of the new energy subsidy policy." A number of new energy car prices executives that related transactions, in order to obtain the subsidy amount and the difference between the cost of cars. For example, if a car repairer costs only 60 thousand yuan while the national policy 100 thousand!相关的主题文章: