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Advancement In Stereotactic Radiosurgery And Benefits To Cancer Patients In India By: Kanika Sharma | Dec 4th 2014 – Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a form of radiation therapy that focuses high-power energy (X-rays) on a small area of the body. Tags: Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer- Coping With Skin Reactions By: John Bennet | Apr 25th 2013 – Radiation therapy is carried out using a large machine called a linear accelerator. The machine delivers a minute quantity of high-energy radiation which kills the cancerous cells. Tags: Dealing With Side Effects Of Radiation Therapy For Ovarian Cancer By: John Bennet | Apr 25th 2013 – Radiation therapy is one of the many options for treatment of cancer. It utilizes ionizing radiation to control growth and/or spreading of cancer cells. Tags: What To Know About Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy By: prostate cancer | Jan 2nd 2013 – Radiation therapy is one popular way to treat prostate cancer. In radiation therapy, radioactive waves are used to destroy or slow the growth of cancerous prostate cells. Prostate cancer radiation therapy can be administered internally or externally and carries serious side effects and risks. Tags: Cancer Radiation Therapy: Are You Ready For The Next Big Wave? By: Shushmul Maheshwari | Dec 20th 2012 – Proton Therapy is expected to eventually replace the traditional methods of radiotherapy in the future and thus, holds immense market potential and opportunity for players in the business of radiation therapy, says RNCOS. Tags: Cancer Treatment Now Possible! By: devidhussain | Apr 10th 2012 – Cancer is a lifestyle disease that is found all over the world now. It is the abnormal growth of white blood cells in a part of the body, in the form of a tumour. Tags: Cancer Treatment Centers "�" Prevention And Cure By: saiweb | Dec 4th 2011 – With Cancer proliferating more and more rapidly amongst the Indian population, thanks to the changing lifestyle, habits and environment, a number of cancer treatment centers have sprung up in India in recent times. Tags: Get The Best Solution For Lung Cancer Treatment – Radiation Therapy By: saiweb | Dec 2nd 2011 – The human body .prises of various organs and each has its own importance. Lungs are one of the most important organs of the human body. It is the respiratory organ by which we mean that it helps in supplying oxygen to the body and in turn release carbon-di-oxide outside the body. Tags: World Class Cancer Treatment With Amazon Health And Medical Tourism Pvt Ltd By: Amazonhmt | Sep 27th 2011 – Amazon provides patients with extensive information on cancer treatments as the aim of Amazon is to cure the patient and save life through cancer treatment. The treatment of each Amazon patient is designed to suit an individual and depends on the age of the patient, stage and type of disease. There may be only … Tags: Can A Radiology Technician Work In Radiation Therapy? By: Susan Bean | Aug 19th 2011 – A radiology technician is required to apply the radiation treatment to the area of the body that has the cancer. Tags: Cancer Therapies Need Some Careful Consideration By: Stewart Wrighter | Mar 20th 2011 – This article discusses cancer treatments and how some people are damaged by the therapy that they get. It also goes on to show what the new approach is to treatments and how people must choose what they want to do. Tags: Changes You Can Make To Avoid Getting Sick By: Stewart Wrighter | Jan 30th 2011 – While you cannot .pletely control your health, there are things you can do to improve how you feel and reduce your risk of illness. Here are some tips for avoiding sickness and disease. Tags: Cancer Can Be Treated If Caught In Time By: Stewart Wrighter | Dec 23rd 2010 – This article highlights the use of cancer treatment to try to kill off the effects of the disease. It also shows that this is a heavy financial burden on any family so insurance is a must for everyone who can afford it. Tags: Popular Treatment For Prostate Cancer By: ray san | Oct 21st 2010 – Prostate cancer usually occurs in men during their 50s and beyond. This kind of disease is .monly detected in these ages because it usually grows unnoticed during its early years of development. During its early years, it is only contained in the prostate and in some rare cases; it spreads to other parts of the body. The … Tags: Vibrational Healing For Cancer By: Stewart Wrighter | Oct 14th 2010 – This article is about different types of healing possibilities for cancer. Although there are medical ways of beating cancer, there are also natural forms. This mentions various healing modalities. Tags: On Planning Ahead For Lung Cancer Surgery By: Donald Massey | Jul 31st 2010 – If you are suffering from lung cancer, your doctor may re.mend surgery. If the disease is still in its early stages, surgery may be sufficient for eliminating the cancerous cells. Otherwise, chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also be necessary. Even when lung cancer surgery is performed using minimally invasive techniq … Tags: Mesothelioma Disease – Chemotherapy As A Treatment For Mesothelioma By: Chris Mollo | May 27th 2010 – There are three traditional kinds of treatment for patients with malignant mesothelioma: Surgery (taking out the cancer), chemotherapy (using drugs to fight the cancer), and radiation therapy (using high-dose x-rays or other high-energy rays to kill cancer cells). This article focuses on the use of chemotherapy to treat me … Tags: .mon Treatment For Breast Cancer "�" Radiation Therapy By: janet bose | May 25th 2010 – Breast cancer cells are destroyed by radiation therapy. It also helps to prevent the cancer cells from reproducing. Radiation therapy minimized the risk of damaging healthy tissue. The chance of survival is increase through the use of radiation therapy to treat breast cancer. Tags: Radiation Therapy Schedule For Esophageal Cancer By: DavidHensley | May 22nd 2010 – The best and effective radiation therapy schedule for esophageal cancer is explained in detail. Also, learn how certain natural remedies help cure the disease. Tags: Treatment Available For Lung Cancer By: Elizabeth L Perkins | Mar 1st 2010 – When many people consider treatment for lung cancer, they initially think of surgery. While a wedge resection, partial or full lobectomy, or pneumonectomy may be necessary, there are other approaches that can be taken to help eliminate cancerous cells. They include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and various targeted thera … Tags: $7.5 Million Settlement In Case Alleging Radiation Overdose Of Cancer Patient By: Joseph Hernandez | Jan 27th 2010 – Cancer patients are extremely vulnerable. Not only are they trying to fight off the cancer but doing so often involves the use of treatments that themselves can cause significant injury and even kill the patient. This article explores the report of the settlement in a case alleging that a cancer patient receiving radiatio … Tags: Care Against Cancer By: Praveen Prakash | Nov 25th 2009 – Cancer, prevention is better than cure.. Medical science put lots of contribution to the field & more research in the field awaited. Tags: Breast Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery Or Radiation Therapy – Nurse’s Report By: Helen Hecker | Nov 19th 2009 – If you’re currently a breast cancer patient or survivor as I am, you may be interested in a new study. Tags: Mouth Care For Cancer Patients By: Allen Jesson | Sep 15th 2009 – Daily oral and dental care is essential for all of us, and especially when the mouth area is affected by therapy. Chemotherapy for tumors in any part of the body can affect the mouth, (whereas radiation therapy affects the mouth only when applied directly). Tags: How Do You Do Follow Up After Mesothelioma Radiotherapy? By: Bello kamorudeen | Sep 11th 2009 – After .pletion of radiotherapy treatment for mesothelioma you will still need regular doctor visits to check your progress after your radiation therapy ends. You may also need help to deal with any problems that may .e up. This phase of your treatment is called follow-up care. Your follow-up care will inclu … Tags: Mesothelioma Treatment-.monly Asked Questions About Radiotherapy By: Bello kamorudeen | Sep 11th 2009 – Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is one of the .monly used conventional medical methods of treating mesothelioma. Most mesothelioma patients will undergo radiation therapy at one stage or the other of their treatment and it is better for you to be well informed about this form of treatment so that you can get the maximal … Tags: Wigs For Cancer Patients By: Tony | Aug 29th 2009 – One thing that people think about when going in to get radiation therapy for cancer is whether or not they will lose their hair. It is unfortunate when people lose their hair. What helps them regain some confidence are real hair wigs for cancer patients. Tags: What To Do After A Radiation Treatment By: Susan Mayer | Jul 31st 2009 – Radiation therapy, which destroys cancerous cells, is probably the biggest single treatment method of cancer in the world today. Sufferers of breast cancer can actually be free of cancer after receiving radiation treatment. Radiation therapy can be given alone or as part of a sequence of treatments such as chemotherapy or o … Tags: Radiation And Chemotherapy Side Effects By: Raphaelo | Apr 19th 2009 – Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are multiple; they can make your life miserable. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent or reverse those effects. We content not only to name them, but also the way to prevent or reverse them Tags: Surgery And Radiation Therapy Are Two Main Types Of Prostate Cancer Cure By: Nupur Das | Apr 8th 2009 – When cancer affects your prostate you will then be forced into having to look for an appropriate prostate cancer cure. Essentially, prostate cancer occurs when prostate cells start mutating and multiply in a manner that cannot be controlled. Prostate cancer rates vary from one part of the world to the other though in region … Tags: Healing Heat Pad Therapy By: Peter Marsden | Feb 3rd 2009 – The use of heat and heat pads as a treatment in the relief of pain has been popular in many cultures for perhaps thousands of years. An internet search on "heatpad therapy" produces many references to pages selling pads that you can heat up and place on a painful back, girdle or limb, to help reliev Tags: Symptoms And Treatment For Breast Cancer By: JaclynSmith | Dec 29th 2008 – The chances of surgically removed breast cancer relapsing is reduced by following surgery with radiation therapy. This therapy is important and should not be skipped if you don’t want your cancer to reoccur. Tags: The Different Methods Of Medical Imaging And Radiology By: Jonathon Blocker | Dec 3rd 2008 – Tumors can do a great deal of damage. CR solutions implementing CR software is a trauma free means of monitoring and tracking physiological damage done by them and their growth progression. Radiation therapy is often also used as a way of treating brain tumors and cancers, ranging from breast, colorectal, head, neck, lung … Tags: Conventional And Unconventional Cancer Treatments – Part One By: Stephen Lau | Oct 10th 2008 – There is an array of cancer treatment options – conventional and unconventional. Conventional cancer treatments include cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. They all have undesirable side effects, ranging from damage to heart muscles, leukemia, to predisposition to second cancer. The multi-dollar cancer indu … Tags: Alternative Medicine For Cancer: Does It Work? By: The Alternate Medic | Aug 9th 2008 – Modern medicine relies heavily on surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy in treating cancer.. For all of us who have gopne through these devastating treatments, we all look for alternative ways to treat our symptoms and to rebuild our natural health.. Tags: Hormonal Therapy When Cancer Has Spread Beyond The Prostate Gland By: Don Saunders | Jun 30th 2008 – One .mon treatment for prostate cancer which has spread beyond the prostate gland is hormonal therapy and here we examine two alternative approaches. Tags: What Does Radiation Therapy For Localized Prostate Cancer Involve? By: Don Saunders | Jun 16th 2008 – One very .mon treatment for localized prostate cancer is radiation therapy in the form of either external beam radiation therapy or internal implanted radiation therapy. Tags: Useful Information About Skin Cancer Treatment By: Nigel M | Apr 24th 2008 – Skin cancer treatment is given to a patient to destroy and remove a cancer and leave as small and unnoticeable scar as possible. The size and location of the skin cancer, patient"��s age, patients medical history, patients health and the risk of scarring will help to determine the best form of skin cancer treatment for the … Tags: Know Something About Skin Cancer? By: healthocrates | Mar 16th 2008 – The skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects against heat, light, injury, and infection. It helps control body temperature. It stores water and fat. The skin also makes vitamin D. Tags: The Contributions Of Radiation Oncology To The Medical World By: VantageOncology | Jan 23rd 2008 – Oncology is a branch of medicine that studies cancerous tumors and develops methods and techniques for treatment. Those who practice oncology are known as oncologists. Tags: Radiation Oncology And Advancements In Cancer Research By: Art Gib | Dec 26th 2007 – Cancer mortality rates in the United States are dropping due, in part, to advancements in advancements in radiation therapy technology. Tags: Dog Disease: Lung Cancer By: Gerry Ronson | Dec 6th 2007 – Lung cancer in dogs can be a very detrimental disease, understanding the progression of the disease as well as treatment can help you and your dog have a happy life together. Prevention and treatment are both covered in detail as well as the causes and symptoms of lung cancer in dogs. The treatments for lung cancer often in … Tags: Advances In Radiation Delivery Technology Improve Cancer Treatment By: VantageOncology | Nov 21st 2007 – When cancerous tumors appear, the best thing to do with them is to destroy the tumor and any cancerous residue. Killing the cancer is not difficult. Tags: Advanced Imaging Technology Improves Treatment, Recovery Times For Cancer Patients By: VantageOncology | Sep 26th 2007 – Getting rid of cancerous tumors has never been much of a problem for doctors. The problem is in killing or removing the cancer without doing the same to the patient. Radiation therapy has long been among the best treatments for cancer. Tags: The Art Of Oncology: Using The Latest In Radiation Therapy To Treat Cancer By: VantageOncology | Jul 27th 2007 – The treatment of cancer and cancerous tumors has advanced a great deal in the last several years. Survival rates are much higher than they were just a decade ago thanks to advances in medical technology, diagnosis, and treatment which give radiation oncologists. Tags: Waging A Battle With Breast Cancer Treatment By: Riley Hendersen | Mar 25th 2007 – But aside from surgery, there are also many other choices of breast cancer treatment including, chemotherapy – a frequent course of intravenous drugs used to stop the growth of the cancer; radiation – using pinpoint radiation therapy to kill cancer cells; and hormonal therapy to stop the growth of cancer cells. Tags: Latest Discoveries On How To Treat Breast Cancer By: Paul P. Winyesci | Oct 22nd 2006 – The study could have an impact on the cost of breast cancer treatment. If it can be determined if radiation therapy will not increase survival rates of those patients who are low risk, it could save the medical .munity and patients thousands of dollars. Tags: Cats And Pills – Tablets. By: Colin Visser | Jan 7th 2006 – Nearly everything alive be.es ill at some stage in its life, and pets are no exception. I have been very fortunate in that my two cats have been very healthy for most of their lives. Recently the oldest cat be.e ill and had to go to the vet. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with a form of cancer. The treatment options we … Tags: 相关的主题文章: